IPE Grenade, Defensive AP







Defensive anti-personnel (AP) hand grenade which uses flechette rules (SR3 116). Against armored targets, flechette rounds fare less well. For the target’s Armor Rating, use either double its Impact Armor Rating or its normal Ballistic Armor Rating, whichever is higher. Double the Barrier Rating of any barriers fired at or through (see Barriers, p. 124). Also double the value of any vehicle armor (p. 132). Dermal armor negates the Damage Level increase of flechette ammunition. Defensive grenades have the lowest radius of destruction, allowing the character to use the grenade as he or she presses forward. These grenades are small, self-contained packages of explosive, timer and detonator. They may be set to explode on impact, or at any time from 2 seconds to 2 minutes. Ares has packed the standard grenades with a larger blast to cover a wider area.

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