Folding Sword (Club Shape) ##red|^^*^^##



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Now THIS little number is really nifty. I call it a Folding Sword. I didn't come up with it; I saw it in action against a Ares suit we were being hired to protect. A flick of the wrist and the assassin suddenly had a cane in his hand; a touch of a button, and that cane turned into a meter-long blade. Too nice. I managed to get a hold of it afterwards and did some dissection work. Turns out it's like one of those collapsible rods, just nested cylinders that extend and lock into a meter-long club. But, it's made of memory metal. Applying a slight electrical current makes the cylinders go from a ring shape to a diamond wedge shape, and voila! Instant meter-long blade. It's not as strong as a regular sword (it's hollow) and there's no hand guard, so it's not real helpful for defense. And here's the main problem: it's not available on the streets at all. How do you get one? Well, you can take it from someone who has it, or you can ask your J if he can hook you up. I figure it's pretty cheap for a megacorporation to make — probably a thousand nuyen in parts and labor — but they don't want everyone running around with a sword that comes out of nowhere. Don't ask your local street dealer for one, either: memory metal ain't something we see often, and it sure as hell ain't something I can work with even given my facilities. And no, you can't dikote it. The metal has to remain flexible in order for it to do its trick, and dikoting ruins it.

Game Notes: This item has -2 Dice for Full Defense, Counter Attack, or Disarm Tests. The folding sword requires a Free Action to fold or unfold, a Simple Action to switch from club to sword (or vice versa).

+info gear custom melee foldsword

(STR)M Stun



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