FN's venerable battle rifle, development began in 2044, ending in 2046 with the twin FN-MARS and FN-SHAWS built to accomodate a rifle requirement issued by the Corporate Court. FN was under contract to sell the rifles only to a select few AAA Corporations which was held until 2062. These saw numerous actions during Operation RECIPROCITY which took place in 2048, causing some to believe they were developed specifically for that purpose. Many Desert Wars veterans swear by their reliability and stopping power, and since the lapse of the contract they have finally started becoming available more generally. The FN-SHAWS, or Squad Heavy Automatic Weapon System, is a support weapon designed to combine the mobility of a light machinegun with the additional stopping power of a medium machinegun, on a platform more familiar to your every day rifleman. - Integrated features and accessories: Gas-Vent IV (Barrel), Bipod (Underbarrel), Smartlink-1, Integrated Recoil Compensation 2; Note: The FN-SHAWS, as a Heavy Weapon, suffers from double uncompensated recoil. For purposes of mounting this in a vehicle, it is considered a Medium Machine Gun.

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