Supercharging/Superconductive Drive (Electric Aircraft)

6/12 d

10% vehicle cost/level



Vehicle facility

Vehicle B/R


8 h/level

Speed x 1.5

Turbocharging improves the speed and acceleration of a methane, gasoline or diesel engine by using a turbine to compress the air that enters the engine's carburetor. A similar modification, called a superconductive drive, provides electric engines with the same performance boosts. For convenience, both modifications follow the same rules and are collectively referred to as "turbocharging".
Each level of turbocharging increases a vehicle's Speed by 15 and its Acceleration by 1 , while reducing its Signature by 1.
The Economy of the vehicle also decreases by 5 percent per level.
Aircraft (except for electrically powered aircraft) cannot be turbocharged, as their engines already incorporate turbocharging as part of their designs.
One level can always be added.

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