Nitrous Oxide Injectors

4/48 h

3,500/level (1-3)
7,000/level (4-5)



2 CF
15 kg

Vehicle facility

Vehicle B/R


(level+47) h

5 levels

Nitrous oxide injectors inject nitrous oxide into the air compressors of gasoline and diesel engines, providing a short boost to power output. During vehicle combat, a driver may attempt to use this device to assist in performing the Accelerating action. When making an Accelerating Success Test, the player rolls an additional number of dice equal to the level of the Injector.
Additionally, the player may use the device to increase his vehicle's speed to its standard Speed rating multiplied by 2.5. However, the vehicle will decelerate by its acceleration rating each subsequent turn afterward, until the vehicle's speed falls below its standard Speed rating.
Charges are stored in a pressurized gas cylinder, which can hold up to 20 charges.
This modification is available to vehicles that use diesel or gasoline power plants only.

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