Engine Customization (Other vehicles)

8/ 14 d

5% vehicle cost/level



Vehicle facility

Vehicle B/R


40 h

Default Speed x 1.5
Default Acceleration x 1.5
Default Load x 1.5

Engine customization involves a radical redesign of the existing engine to perform at levels well beyond normal. Engine customization enables a vehicle to exceed the standard maximum Acceleration, Speed or Load ratings for that particular type of vehicle, but al the cost of bypassing numerous performance safeguards and thereby greatly increasing the risk of engine failure during operation. Engine customization is usually a vehicle modification, but game-masters may also use it as a design option to reflect prototype models that have not yet been fully tested.
Engine customization is measured in levels. Each level increases either the Speed rating by 30, Acceleration by 2, or Load by (Body x 50) kilograms. Each rating must be raised separately — in other words. Three separate customization are needed to increase a vehicles Speed, Acceleration and Load, all by one Increment (+30 Speed, +2 ACC and Load + [Body x 50kg]).
To determine the risk of a customized engine failing during operation, the game-master makes a secret Build/Repair Test. The target number equals the Installation Test target number multiplied by 2. If the test succeeds, the engine will not fail. If the secret test fails, roll 1D6 and divide the result by 2, rounding up.The result is the number of permanent Stress Points added to the vehicle. These Stress Points cannot be reduced unless the Customized engine is replaced by a factory-standard engine.
One Level of Upgrade can always be taken in each category.

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