Name Servet Tazegul
AKA The Turk
AKA Lee Harvey Oswald
AKA Plan 9
Nationality Constantinople
Metatype DWARF
Archetype Decker/TroubleShooter
Birthdate ????
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"The absence of evidence is not the evidence of absence!"


Standing at a squat one and a tenth meter (three and a half feet), Turk is a fairly typical dwarf, albeit with a darker skin tone. His eyes are a normal brown color, sitting on either side of a sharp cleave of a nose, all above a rounded off jawline and wide mouth. His ears have the slight point at the tip, but are otherwise comparible to a homo sapien sapien's in terms of drooping lobe. His facial features, over all, can generally be summed up as 'everyone else'. There is nothing unique to be had. An unruly mop of grey-brown hair falls down past his ears, usually swept off to the side and behind his ears, while a surprisingly short if ragged mustache-beard swallows the lower half of his face.

His body follows the same dwarven proportions; Human sized torso, with stumpy legs. His hands are thick and heavy, but not as much as one might expect for such a physical race.

He wears a rather sharp looking suit and slack combination, with an old fashioned straight tie and vest. Over the entire ensemble rests a rather formal long coat, tailored to fit with the general style. A simple blue and black affair, likely from the Vashon line. Resting atop his head is a simple fedora, matched in color, and usually with the brim pulled low.

Distinguishing Features

NONE! Besides being short, even for a dwarf.

Mannerisms and Habits

Paranoid Conspiracies
Watching People
Watching Himself
Watching People Watching Him Watching Them

You Think I Don't Know?
Just, I Know. And You Are
Lost If You Think I Don't Know
The Real Story Behind This, It's Obviously A


Benjamin Clones
Evil Aliens
Real Grey Men
Every Shadow


Conspiracy crafting



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