Ute Sector

The Ute Nation

The Ute Nation Sector
Executive William Huhuseca
Population 552,000
Human 69%
Elf 10%
Dwarf 6%
Ork 12%
Troll 1%
Other 2%
SINless Population (est.) 69,000
Per Capita Income 20,000 =Y=
Below Poverty Level 28%
Super-wealthy 1%
Megacorporate Affiliation 32%
Security Provider Sand Creek SS
GED 40%
4 year degree 20%
Masters or higher 6%
Regional Telecom Grid NA/UTE
Opinion-Editorial by Misty Waters

Angry Times

The Ute Nation is in a rough path, and anyone can tell you that. That makes the sector police unhappy, that makes runners unhappy, and that makes profits hard. Things are changing though, and everyone wants to be the Voice of Change. Wanna get ahead in the sector? Keep your head down and for Ghost's sake don't try to be another voice of reason, another voice for change. There is ample opportunity for work if you can keep your eyes and ears open and your mouth closed.

Geographic Overview

Within the Denver Metro Area, the Ute Sector border follows Intercity 25 from the North then turns West along Route 40 and follows Highway 70 out of town.


Cost of Living Notes

  • Lined clothing is the heaviest allowable armor in the Ute Territory. Even corporate security guards must abide by this restriction whenever they step out of corp jurisdiction.
  • The Ute Sector requires numerous licenses and stringent approvals before allowing citizens to purchase explosives. All legally manufactured explosives carry chemical tracers that allow forensic chemists to identify the exact batch used to create any given blast.
  • Silencers, smartgun rigs, and smart goggles are restricted.


The Ute Territory maintains strong anti-Anglo immigration laws. Most members of the government recoginize that this stance will hurt the nation in the long run, but all changes in immigration law must be put to national plebiscite, and the general population's attitude toward Anglos is anything but tolerant or welcoming. In the 20-teens, the Ute Territory(Nation) conducted the most thorough campaign in all the NAN nations of expelling "Anglos" from its lands following the signing of the Treaty of Denver. (Not particularly surprising, considering that Daniel Howling Coyote was Ute and that the Ute government took everything he'd ever said absolutely to heart.)


The small city of Boulder (approximate population 95,000) lies entirely within the Ute Territory. Historically, the Sioux, Arapaho, Comanche, and Cherokee inhabited the area until the mid 1800's, when the gold rush drew settlers and troops. Boulder was officially founded in 1859, and within a century had grown into a small but surprisingly cosmopolitan city.

In the latter half of the past century, Boulder gained a new reputation as a college town. It was home to the University of Colorado, and students comprised a third of its population. It was also common knowledge that Boulder served as home of many flakes, crystal wavers and other eccentrics. Perhaps it was this reputation that saved so many (relatively speaking) of Boulder's Anglo residents from being ousted when the Ute Nation took over the territory.

The University of Colorado closed in 2019 as a natural outgrowth of the Treaty of Denver. The campus reopened as the University of Ute in 2045, with many courses dealing in environmentalism and magic as well as the normal curriculum.



The Ute Territory allows its citizens to sell and posses pistols, hunting rifles, and bows, but all of these weapons must be licensed on purchase or import to be legal. Forget burst-fire or autofire weapons-illegal, chummer. Way illegal-try smuggling one through a border-crossing point and see what it gets you. (Ten to twenty thou nuyen and half a year in the slam at least, would be my guess).

Chips, Drugs and Alcohol

The Ute Territory outlaws only the most brutal mindbenders, whether chips or chem. The way they scan it, it's your brain. If you want to burn neuro, go to it. If you commit any crime under the influence of a mind-blaster, though, just lie down and die right fragging now. Like in the Pueblo Territory, the Uties figure the crime's premeditated and they send you upriver for a good, long stretch.

Law Enforcement

A supposedly private outfit, Sand Creek Security Services, handles border defense, customs, and law enforcement. Legally, Sand Creek's a civilian business with no ties to either the Ute national or FTZ government. On paper, its offical HQ takes up office space in Las Vegas. In fact, however, the best efforts of my most talented chummers have so far found not a slottin' trace of Sand Creek in Vegas. Reality check, folks- just like the other territories, Ute has set up a "civilian security force" that the government secretly controls. I'm no paranoid blowing jet wash, either- I checked a few personnel records, and guess what? Almost all of Sand Creek's employees served in the Ute Security Force-the Ute Nation's paramilitary army/police organization- until mere days before the new "civilian" outfit hired them.

The national territory force, from which Sand Creek draws its jobbers, makes little distinction between armed forces and police. In the Ute Territory and FTZ, personnel rotate regularly between different divisions and departments; to give you an idea of what that means to us slag's on the street, your average beat cop might well have flown a Raven attack helicopter a couple of months back.

…And Justice for Some

Justice in the Ute Territory must be described as.. interesting. The top dogs in the crime and punishment system are the three judges, one of whom must be a shaman, who make up the Judiciar Council in each trial.
Officially speaking, judges run trials using the adversarial system (like in the UCAS), with the usual array of prosecuting and defense attorneys. In practice, however, the judges enjoy a lot of leeway in deciding how much they participate. That's where it gets interesting. Some sit back and play the game as objective, uninvolved observers. Others nudge the attorneys and witnesses enough to get at the truth. Still others prefer to cut through the bulldrek and walk right into the accused's mind to determine guilt.

If you do get caught doing something you shouldn'ta oughta, the Info to follow it will tell you what kind of slap on the wrist to expect. Keep in mind that none of this is hardwired-it can change if some Judiciary Council deems it appropriate.


Interestingly enough, the Ute Territory has no restrictions whatsoever on Class A cyberware and does not require it to be licensed. Class B cyberware requires a license, and Class C is flat-out illegal within Ute jurisdiction except for Sand Creek's bully-boys. If you've got Class C cyberware, you can't come to the Ute Territory. Period. They'll kick you out yesterday if you sleaze in with it and they find you.


Cyberdecks must be licensed and fitted with an autotrace chipset that includes a unique signature assigned to that deck. When a decker uses a licensed deck with the chipset, it writes a unique signature to the audit trail and also sends what is best described as a kind of "Approved by Ute Security" message as well. Matrix software isn't restricted, apparently because the Ute government assumes an illegal deck's going to be easier to find than killer software. And only a fool would wheel out their wizzer icepick software on a deck that writes an audit trail.


Even in the cases of the more unpleasant mindbenders, possession of personal use doesn't carry much of a penalty, Trafficking, however, will cost you big time.

Criminal Offenses and Punishment Table

Offense Fine Sentence
Arson 10,000 1 yr
Assault 5,000 1 yr
Battery 5,500 1 yr
Extortion 2-3 yrs
F. Confinement 5-10 yrs
Fraud 5-10 yrs
Illegal Entry 1-5 yrs
Kidnapping 5-10 yrs
Larceny(petty) 2-5 yrs
Larceny(grand) 5-10 yrs
Murder 1 30 yrs-life
(no parole)
Murder 2 10 yrs-life
Murder 3 2-5 yrs
Negligence 2-5 yrs
Rape 2-5 yrs
Rape (statutory) 5-10 yrs
R. Endangerment 5,000 2 yrs
Solicitation 2K
Trafficking 50,000 2-5 yrs
Treason 10 yrs-life
Vandalism 2,000
Accessory 20% normal
Conspiracy 50% normal
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