The Warrens Districts

The Districts of The Warrens

The Warrens of Aurora

South of Buckley Air Force Base and the UCAS sector, east of the CAS Sector, on the outskirts of a city that tries to forget it exists, the Warrens are the rock and Denver is the hard place.

The Aurora Warrens are surrounded by a wall, either actually constructed, such as the CAS border or near Buckley Air-Force Base, or more unofficial, such as the Knight Errant patrolled rubble line of demolished buildings to the north that was built up during the Cholera Epidemic of 2069. The border is permeable however, and presents no major barrier to the average shadowrunner. It serves more to contain the poor and unwashed in one easy to control area.

Both the CAS and UCAS tend to dump their undesirables in this location, and while Aztlan would claim they have no undesirables, there is a sizable Spanish speaking minority in the Warrens.

Following a major gang battle in 2077, backed by and assisted with shadowrunners and mercenaries, there was a significant increase in security around the Aurora Warrens as well as new shifts in gang loyalties.


Heather Gardens

Borders: Mission Hills and North Central districts, UCAS and CAS Sectors.
Dominant Gang: The Royals
Other Gangs: Velvet Runway, Dead Presidents, Red Serpents
2071 Gang Alliances: The Sinners, The Saints, Los Reyes Diablos

This area of the warrens is situated on the major egress in to the CAS sector. This is where the trade that comes in to the Warrens actually enters. Due to its proximity to well developed areas of both the CAS and UCAS sectors and the strong, economically minded gang that runs the area, if there was a 'nice' section of the warrens, this would be it. However, it's a despotism, cruel and capricious. Many of the more 'uptown' gangs that want to slum it have been known to attend court at the Heather Gardens Country Club with King Steven.

The Warzone

Borders: Smoky Hills, Tir Llwen, Orktown and South Sunrise Districts.
Dominant Gang: None
Other Gangs: Everyone and their mother.

This is the very heart of the Aurora Warrens. Once an upscale shopping district before the Treaty of Denver, it was converted to high density, low income apartment blocks after the treaty. The Warrens is an infection and the Warzone was its point of entry. First to be abandoned, it's services have broken down to nearly nothing, but it's position on the major arteries of the area continue to ensure both its strategic importance and its economic value to those who vie for it. Vast stretches of this area are utterly ruined, but still densely populated. At the very core of this infection lies the ruins of TinkerTown. Some six years after the main structures collapse, the automated defenses finally seem to be offline and the ruins settled. This has sparked renewed fighting here over what many think will be rich spoils.

The Southwestern section of the Warzone was overtaken by a combination of (Orktown) Horsemen and shadowrunners working for a powerful arms dealer named Greenwich during the Parkview Battle of 2077.


Borders: Mission Hills, Smoky Hills, Fox Hollow, CAS Sector.
Dominant Gang: The Saints
Other Gangs: The Martyrs, The Nightshades
2077 Gang Alliances: The Sinners, The Royals, Los Reyes Diablos

Shenandoah is ruled fairly evenly, compared to most other Warrens districts. If there was a 'good' gang in the Warrens, the Saints are they. However, there are no good gangs in the Warrens and the Saints are just the best of the rest. The Shenandoah district is relatively calm and maintains a fair degree of comfort due to its position on the CAS border. As the entirety of their CAS border is a nature park, there's little issue with attacks from that area, allowing them to focus their efforts outward. In the Northside of this district, the Nightshades have established themselves and are starting to buck against the Saints more restrictive rules.

Tir Llwen

Borders: Sunrise, South Sunrise, Orktown, The Warzone districts, UCAS Sector
Dominant Gang: The Silver Thorns
Other Gangs: The Oakfists, The Ghosts, The Paladins, The Mederon, The Crusaders
2077 Gang Alliances: Horsemen, DemoBoyz, The Blackhearts

Tir Llwen is not known for its long term, stable politics. Only in the last few years has the elven population solidified here, as refugees from Cal Free and Tir Tairngire start to find their way in. The name means 'Little Land' and its as unofficial as anything in the Warrens. After the foundation of Ork Town, the elves started to drift together for mutual protection but also for revenge against the Sons of Sauron. Now the motley collection of gangs that run there maintain an uneasy alliance of mutual protection so long as Orktown exists. The border with Ork Town is little more than a killing field, a no-mans land of burned out buildings.

Following a "purge" in 2077, The Silver Thorns merged with other minor gangs and formed an alliance with gangs to the north and south. This put log held racial animosity to a simmer rather than a boil, after hard-line Goblin Yell were murdered by Horsemen and Demoboyz in order to forge ahead.

The Rez

Borders: The Warzone, Smoky Hills, South Central, South Sunrise and Mission Hills Districts
Dominant Gang: Coalition of Major Gangs
Other Gangs: Everyone

The Rez is the one place in the Warrens you probably won't get shot. That's not to say you won't get shot, just that your chances are less. The common grounds and marketplace of the Warrens, The Rez (Ironically named after the Quincy Reservoir, and not the Indian Reservations) is by agreement of several of the larger gangs, off limits to -organized- violence. The infrastructure of the Reservoir and the Summer Valley Marketplace there, in addition to the armed camp that is the Bastille, make it in everyone's best interest to not fuck this place up. Come as you are, but any gang breaking the truce will theoretically find themselves in a world of hurt.


Borders: The Warzone, Tir Llwen, The Sticks and Fox Hollow Districts, UCAS Sector.
Dominant Gang: DemoBoyz, Horsemen
Other Gangs: The Sons of Sauron, "Greenwich Loyalists", DockaDockas, Goblin Yell(deceased)
2077 Gang Alliances: The Silverthorns, The Blackhearts

It's hard to say what came first, Orktown or the Sons of Sauron. It's immaterial as Orktown flourished in the last decade, drawing to itself a gathering of several thousand orks and a much smaller number of trolls. The Sons got a few basic amenities operational by tapping in to an underground power conduit, but recent actions have seen the Sons of Sauron's leadership gutted by a mysterious illness.

Orktown is, despite its immense strength and power, without a leader and the Orktown gangs have been getting setbacks on all fronts. The landscape is one of acute poverty, where orkish families live a sustenance lifestyle, supported by the largesse of the gangs who funnel money and goods 'back home'.

From 2076-2077 an arms dealer known as "Nigel Greenwich" with foreign connections took over Orktown, then Tir Llewyn, and parts of the Warzone. Backed by hardened mercenaries, Greenwich used spy tradecraft and manipulation to coerce various gangs into an east Aurora Alliance known as "The New World Order". For a time, this brought in an influx of nuyen, sundries, reconstruction, and peace. As other gangs formed a counter to the NWO, a massive pitched battled occured known as "The Battle of Orktown".

Following massive casualties, Greenwich's death, and destruction of South Sunrise, Tir Llewyn, and Orktown…..the area is quietly licking it wounds for the time being.

Seven Hills

Borders: North Central and Sunrise Districts, Buckley Air Force Base and the UCAS sector.
Dominant Gang: Aurora Air Corps
Other Gangs: The Jesters, The Huns, Steel Tide

Never fully developed before the Treaty limited further growth, Seven Hills is one of the areas of the Warrens with the lowest population density. It's low slung ranch style-houses and strip malls never had the infrastructure to support much beyond itself. Those who came in after the treaty moved south, for company as much as to avoid the occasional jet-fuel bath that occurred when a bomber coming in from the UCAS would drop its fuel load in foul weather. Many sections of the area are burned to the ground as a result. That practice was stopped about 15 years ago, but the scars remain. More than a few planes have crashed here over the years, either shot down or forced down in bad weather, creating a secondary market for scavenged aircraft parts.


Borders: South Sunrise, South Central, Seven Hills and Tir Llwen Districts, UCAS sector.
Dominant Gang: Los Reyes Diablos.
Other Gangs: A variety of small disorganized gangs.
2077 Gang Alliances: The Sinners, The Saints, The Royals

Sunrise is a district that has very little going for it; and that means it has something going for it. When nothings happening, it means nothings blowing up, no major gangs are fighting an incursion in to your territory and you're just plain boring. And the people of Sunrise are pretty happy with that. On the downside, they don't have any major trade, they don't have a lot of high value scavenging areas and their 'best' gang (the Sunrise Silencers) just got wiped out by the Silver Thorns when they tried to make a resource grab in to Tir Llewn. As if this wasn't enough? Sunrise is the poorest of the districts, even by warrens standards. They don't get much major gang traffic because there's nothing here to -steal-.

Following an effort of expansion into Sunrise via The Blackhearts (backed by Nigel Greenwich), the various small gangs banded together as 'Los Reyes Diablos' using the Sunrise Soup Kitchen as a defacto base.

Fox Hollow

Dominant Gang: The Laymen
Other Gangs: The Order, The Deacons

Built around the Mission, otherwise known as the Regis Jesuit Monastery, Fox Hollow is the most orderly of the districts. The Jesuits take -no- shit from -no one-. And with their ties to the Saint Vincent De Paul society, the Catholic Charity Division, the Jesuits who run the mission actually have a reasonable carrot to go with their stick. Despite this clear leadership, it is still the warrens and the Jesuits take a 'help those who help themselves' approach. There are no handouts here. If you come to Fox Hollow, step correct, make a 'donation' to the church, say four Our-Father's and pass the ammo.

South Central

Borders: North Central, Sunrise, The Rez and Mission Hills
Dominant Gang: The Sons
Other Gangs: None
2077 Gang Alliances: Independent

The current disposition of South Central remains undocumented by outsiders. (Players wishing to contribute to documenting this area should see Yelmalio in game.)

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