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The Rustbelt

Rust Belt Top View

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SE Sunrise // NW Tir

Sunrise Battle Scene

Big House Front View

South Central Orktown - Top View

South Central Orktown - Street View

Warrens Map

It Starts

Thu May 11 2077

The Warrens, Eastern Aurora, Tir Lewyn-Ork Town

A battle cry is issued to take back the Warrens for the downtrodden. As resources have dwindled, any excuse to grab more makes sense. A small cadre of armed and trained mercenaries lead a small but literal army of gang bangers northward towards Sunrise. The Demo Boyz, The Leaf Cutters, The Blackhearts, and more. Magic, bullets and mayhem.

In the blitz members of Los Reyes Diablo are quickly cut down. A local soup kitchen weathers strafing runs from a collection of elemental's and drones on recon to report. Drek just got real, and real fast. Movers and shakers missing mean only one thing - it's time to act now!

Sat May 27 2077

North Sunrise, Warrens

Blackhearts pin down the initial gathering of runners surprised by a blitzkrieg from the South and SouthEast. Dorian steps outside only to be pinned down by Blackhearts and a hired mercenary peppering the ground around him.

"I've got this.", comes the voice of the teen, Melody suddenly darting off. Seconds later, glimpses of her can be seen as she leaps from rooftop to rooftop along the flank, the jumps too far to be natural. Out of sight for a moment, a laser sight beams across from an alleyway to the gathered Blackhearts, a stutter of submachine gun fire and two gangers fall before they know what's happening.

The sound comes again and again, the Blackhearts return fire but the girl is too quick, darting forward and dodging fire, she slides to a stop behind a car and blind fires, cutting down more of the gang allowing Dorian to push forward. A single grenade finishes the last, the unconscious body of a Reyes thrown with the explosion to smack into the girl. "Frag off!", she mutters, pushing the smoldering body away.

Sat May 27 2077

South Central, Warrens

Rex decides to use this opportunity to expand The Sons grip around the Bare Knuckle. Between he and Scratch, they expand Eastward by a few blocks, into the outskirts of Los Reyes territory. A splash of carnage here, a splash of carnage there. The Reyes are caught off guard.

The Sons aren't with anyone but themselves - when the battle ends, if Los Reyes Survive, Sunrise might now be considered contested territory on the west side and Rex may have gain a new enemy.

Sat May 27 2077

North Sunrise, Warrens

Conchita ain't having this shit. Greenwich's forces, the west side gangs are going down. Tonight, Mouse is courageous.

Using spells she begins healing songs to the surviving Sinners caught off guard while meeting at the Soup Kitchen. Much respect chica. Conchita moves up towards the roof, securing her armor and a sniper rifle. An elemental of Fire rises but is quickly dispatched by her banishing skills - a distraction. Two blocks southward a trained sniper hired by Greenwich calmly pulls the trigger and sends a bullet into her chest. Wounded, Conchita pops her Predator out and lays waste to the remaining Blackhearts who've made it into the Soup Kitchen!

Sat May 27 2077

Pushback: Sunrise, The Warzone, Tir Llewyn.

The moment there's fire outside the Soup Kitchen, Dorian will contact the army. This army includes: The Sinners (already there), The Saints, The Reyes (already involved), The Royals, and several runners already collected. A counter-strike begins and Dorian leads the charge….

Sat May 27 2077

Pushback: Sunrise // The Warzone //Tir Llewyn.

Doria connects with a motley crew of gangers including Mercy, the Sinners LT, and several runners.

With Conchita and Melody providing heavy cover fire, Dorian's cadre dodge bullets and melee around them to go southward- they hit an impasse just north of Tir Llewyn. Multiple mercenaries caught by surprise.

Naomi backs the group up, dropping several powerful stunball spells - which Mercy then slits every unconscious throat.. She toasts half a dozen elven gangers attempting to rush the group from one side.
Tamara and Hexe create a pincer attack, leading a few Royals into battle against the Demo Boyz. A high level mage blasts Tamara with a hellfire spell, but Tamara ducks just as the last words are cast- the spell past and into a lone Saint ganger- his burnt body crumbles quickly.

With a wedge open, and chaos abounding, Dorian and company stealth into Orktown.

Sat May 27 2077

Angel's Pool Hall // Shenandoah, The Warrens

Wire is looking to wheel and deal: I might know where Red from Shape13 is hiding. I'll arm you, and get you a bargaining chip in your new shared territory with the Sinners. Don't. Get flanked by leftover psycho's from Shape13! Take my Colts and assorted weaponry, please!

The Saints don't believe Fred, with everything happening they're concerned with the battle at hand it sounds like a rumor. Some of the leadership eye Fred's offered guns, but the Street Sam manages to keep his cool and convince them it's better not to mess with Wire. So he rambo's out east with APDS loaded Roomsweepers and makes bloody hay while the moon shines instead. Bye bye more DemoBoyz.

Sat May 27 2077

Meanwhile…In the CAS // Falstaff's

Laz tranq patches his quarry: International super fixer and philanthropist Kate Mustaffah. The shadow's are pissed. He makes a call. He makes several calls.

"Get your ass to the Rustbelt". Mr. T divines and wants Laz- you just might die tonight. Nine and Katral contact an equally powerful contact of their own through the trip. A comm-call away if need be

Sat May 27 2077

CAS District // Highways Kellogg abandons the ACK ACKS in the Warrens, and drives to Falstaff's to make two pickups. Trunk music is the soundtrack.
He doesn't spot any tails, and he barely squeaks by if one just so happens to catch him. The smuggler hightails it to the destination - a glance out the window shows smoke flashes of fire from the west as the Warrens lights up tonight.

Sat May 27 2077

Denver // Undisclosed Location

Rooks isn't down with the whole Shadowland hatefest over Laz. He hacks several locations to create false positive reports of Laz sightings. A digital goosechase, fake hotel check-ins, doctored video footage.

It dissuades several parties, possibly delaying tracking Laz. Mustaffah's own personal bodyguard heads to the Burnsley Hotel. Lone Star spreads it's net much wider and thinner throughout the CAS. But some runners know Laz all too well and aren't totally dissuaded.

Sat May 27 2077

CAS District // Highways

30 seconds after Kellogg peels away, Air drives up to Falstaff's. He steps out and assess' the situation. A car speeding away can be heard…..he looks at Falstaff's close dup shop. Nobody home. His phone rings- it's Mustaffah's people: We're getting multiple sightings, someone's playing us we need to split up. Air reminds Carol that Laz has some serious players in his pocket. Time to even the odds.

Sat May 27 2077

CAS District // Highways

Air rings HIS people. Even more powerful. Comm-trails are tracked. The Warrens lights up in his rearview mirror- he drops his comrade Zoey off to help. She's torn but her hearts not in the Hunt. Just Air now and his buddy heading southward on a hunch.

Carol calls back - Lone Star HTR and I are a half hour out, but no sign at the Burnsley.
And in the skies above, a combat helicopter operating in illegal airspace buzzes further southward. The crew on board check their weapons…

Sat May 27 2077

Various Locations // UCAS, PCC, Matrix .

Nine's dreams are linked to something - she communicates with the spirits and her contacts in the trix. There's more dirtybombs waiting to cause chaos. Gaul and Myobu are hired. Decking and Entry Specialists respectively.

Gaul uses Nine's info and jacks in…

Sat May 27 2077

//The Matrix //

The silver UMS 1.0 icon flits through a host modeled after the Omaha Beach landings of the Second World War. It's obvious by the way the icon dodges tracers, razor wire and mines that this is not a standard user. He ghosts up the beach, over the wall and through the wire to a hardened bunker, sliding past a Waffen SS sentry before cutting through a steel bunker door.

The war disappears inside the bunker, a data host modeled after a British tea parlor - the guest book is taken from the hostess and the icon gracefully logs out. Data flows into a cyberdeck, the destination of a pair of "special" deliveries to the PCC revealed.

Sat May 27 2077

Various Locations // PCC, Denver

Myobu and Nine use the pay data to infiltrate a warehouse in the PCC sector in a lower security sector. Myobu's stealths in and finds the location alarmed but easy to defeat. Nine cat paws inside after the coast is clear. They find two cars - Ford Sedans, wiped of DNA and any possible magical trace. The heat from the car is dangerous, radioactive.

Nine sweats and juuuuuuuust barely defuse them. They get away, but the radiation is powerful and could take time off their lives in the long run. The PCC won't erupt from these at least. But who delivered them here?

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