Globalemits December 2011

December 2011

Fri Dec 2

Texas Pete's airship, the CNAS Bull Run has been seen in the the skies over Saint Louis, where the wily old fixer has been seen meeting with General Julia Davenport of the Confederated American States Marine Corps. Something to do with crates of 'obsolete' scrapyard bound military surplus.

Sat Dec 3

LoneStar officers on patrol in the Colfax area of Denver discovered the body of Louis J. Farrigno. The body was discovered in the back of his GMC Suburban, which was parked in a handicapped zone in front of the Cottonwood Apartment Complex, had suffered several gunshot wound and was encased in a forensic quality body bag. The investigation is progressing.

Mon Dec 5

Word hits the shadows that the Sioux up in Mobridge, Sioux Nation are in a -lather-. It seems in the night, someone broke through the security of the Sitting Bull Cultural Monument and dug up the Great Chief's remains. With a back-hoe. The outcry has been fast, it has been furious. In Mobridge itself, Renee Marcello, proprietor of Marcello hardware has been reported dead in an arson. Local authorities deny initial reports that Marcello, 42, was scalped, despite images published to the Matrix which show a human scalp of anglo coloration nailed to a tree.

Mon Dec 5

The SDF(Sioux Defense Force) has taken over the investigation of the grave robbing of Sitting Bull. What is known in the shadows is that the best of the best are being put on this case - Deckers, Shaman and their absolute hardest, meanest, most eat-their-own-childrens-entrails-to-win Wildcats are all on standby to bring down the tomahawk of GODS OWN WRATH upon someone. Anyone. Reports of anti-anglo 'reprisal' violence is filtering in from all across the Sioux Nation, as outrage (and opportunism) spread. At this time, the SDF has no leads they are publicly discussing, but what is noticeable in pundit circles is the lack of immediate blame falling on the United Canadian and American States. This is seen by many as an attempt to mitigate the anti-anglo hysteria and also seems to indicate a more internal source of this blasphemous act.

What are these? +bbread news6/1

Fri Dec 9

The decommissioned military airship 'Bull Run' has come into a docking position over Cherry Creek Lake - near the north shore. Word is that Texas Pete has some connections with the governor of the CAS and can get little favors like 'parking his home in a national park'.

Sat Dec 10

With the Bull Run currently hovering over Cherry Creek Lake, the shadow community is abuzz with rumors as to what Texas Pete has picked up in his travels. There's talk of a FDFC from the UCAS Air Force that went 'missing' in Deluth, Minnesota. Talk of a crate of M-73 Advanced Infantry Battle Rifles gone missing from an Ares Compound in Saint Louis. Lots of talk…

Sat Dec 10

In other news, the Sioux Nation has revealed that while the remains of Great Chief Sitting Bull have been recovered and re-interred, many of the items he was buried with, in addition to his right femur, have gone missing. Listed were his war-bonnet, his peace pipe and the bridle to his horse.

Sun Dec 11

Word is that the boarding ramp to the CNAS Bull Run is now down… and people can go aboard to look at the manifest list.

Sun Dec 11

As runners and socialites filter into the Cherry Creek area, the CCR's have pulled back and do not appear to be hassling anyone. Texas Pete's Airship is well lit and hard to miss, it's floating bulk impressive. Inside, people are mingling. Proxy bids are OK. Sidearms are okay, pistols and such. Personal Armor is okay to wear, but nothing obvious like sec armor. No being rude or disruptive, or you will get throne out the docking collar. Pete's here to make money, not babysit your bad manners.

Shadow Auction is on. +poof Cherry Creek, 'board CNAS'.

Mon Dec 12

And with the rising sun of Denver's morning, the CNAS Bull Run makes it's way west across the rockies. Putting its tail to the city, Texas Pete heads for Redding, 3,671,554 nuyen richer for it, 17 lots sold to the runners, and god only knows how many private deals arranged with those shady characters of Denver.

Sat Dec 17

In the UCAS half of the town of Mobridge, there is a disturbing trend of reports emerging. Several young people have gone missing and there do not appear to be any leads in the case. Just across the river from the Sioux Nation's portion of Mobridge, this small town has only occasionally seen tension with its neighboring nation. Trade usually flows free here, but with the disappearances and rise in anti-anglo violence in the western half of the bifurcated city, things are ratcheting up.

Thu Dec 22

And in other news today, down at Checkpoint Bristol in Colorado Springs, Lone Star opened fire on a suspicious vehicle. The GMC MPUV was found to have a forged transponder signal and the driver refused to cooperate. When sensornets in the checkpoint detected the vehicle was armed with a heavy chain gun hidden in a concealed turret, the automated defenses opened fire. 4 people, including wanted criminals John 'Bigtree' Robins, Shayla 'slipstream' Dinkletter, Marcus 'Ceaser' Augustus and Barro Jones were killed in the defense of the check point. The vehicle was found to be full of illegal and contraband goods such as firearms, decking equipment programs as well as magical foci beyond accepted limits.

Thu Dec 22

Looks like there's a small gathering of some of Denver's runners at the Sitting Bear Rifle Range just on the outskirts of the FTZ. The runner called 'longbow' seems to be in charge, and it's come-one-come all. Word is that Soaring Eagle, the range master is tossing out a 50,000 nuyen top prize.

Fri Dec 23

Horror strikes Littleton, CAS sector. A standard armored delivery of certified credsticks by Brinks Private Security, traveling from Front Range Downs horse racing track to the a secured location was attacked and robbed. Dead in the attack are Juan Diego Ruiz, 34, Marc Sumpter, 28, Julia Witmore, 29 and William O'Riley, 54. The attack occurred in broad day light at a busy intersection. Though Lone Star Police response was fast, the attacker was able to elude them. Witnesses indicate that the attacker was a single man, wearing a long billowing cloak. He used obvious magic, with red lightening seeming to be a constant theme to his effects. CAS citizens, long used to carrying firearms, indicated that the attacker shrugged off their pistol shots as thought they did not register. When he departed with nearly 35,000,000 nuyen in registered credsticks, he did so by means of high speed levitation.

Sat Dec 31

Word comes from one of your contacts that there is a Johnson who wants to meet with some runners of… negotiable virtue. No digital paladins or sprawl superheroes. But if you're the sort who isn't squeemish and you want to make a few cred before the turning of the year… maybe you could show up to a little road bar outside of Colorado Springs. (plot room 5 - Black or dark grey hats only)

Sat Dec 31

As New Years Eve wears on…

In the CAS Sector, Sgt. Jake Green of Lone Star was on patrol. It was a good night, with a cup of fresh coffee. At 12:05AM, a single bullet shattered the window of his patrol cruiser. The bullet might have been stopped if he was wearing his regulation helmet, but he was not. An officer with a long list of sexual harassment complaints against him, still no one saw this coming.

In the warrens, local demolitions expert 'Blastrz' ensured everyone was warm… when his shop, in the old Sunrise Mall, burst in to flames and leveled half of what remained of that structure around 2:00AM. No one is sure what happened, but it may have had something to do with the stupid grin on his face and his boasting about getting his pipe a little tail.

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