Garden Of The Gods

Garden of the Gods Park

The Garden of the Gods is a small nature preserve in the Pueblo sector, located in Colorado Springs. Often referred to as a cultural crossroads, the park marks the meeting of the Great Plains with the Rocky Mountains.

For the last one hundred and sixty years the park has been a tourist attraction as well as a source of cultural and natural discovery. During the end of the Twentieth Century and especially after the Awakening, the park has been a favorite gathering spot for the spiritually inclined. While there are scattered reports and myths of the area's affinity for focusing magical energies, there is no evidence that the sandstone monoliths are in any way amplifying or storing mystic energies. Nevertheless, hundreds of thousands of visitors patronize the park in the hope of gaining insight, the favor of their Totem, or simply communing with nature.

The Garden of the Gods has been kept in its pristine form by edict of the PCC government, keeping the park open and free to the public. Visitors to the park find a nature preserve in the midst of the urban sprawl, giving even those on a lunch break from the nearby technologically-focused businesses a chance to get away from the hustle and bustle. Other guests enjoy rock climbing, picnicking, horseback riding, nature walks, and so on.

The Garden of the Gods has its own security that travels the preserve on horseback, and it is a well known fact that there are several magically active individuals on duty day or night. Pueblo Security Enterprises, Inc. is quick to respond to any disturbance, with heavy fines and jail time for any defacing of the park. Both the GOTG Security and PSE are known to turn a blind eye towards magic groups performing rituals as long as they are respectful to other guests. Skyclad rituals are often held at night, and the Garden's security force will restrict access to the ritual area with the proper forms filled out.

GAME INFORMATION: (This is all my view on things. The Admin may have a different view on reality.) The Garden of the Gods is NOT a magical hot spot in the sense that vast mystic powers and energies are there for the taking. However, it is a favored spot in the Springs for the magically inclined as well as those interested in nature. Among some of the Awakened and those favorable to magic in the city, the Garden is considered their own little Stonehenge, but set by nature and not man. There may be any number of talismongers, magicians, and others interested in the Awakened world in the park, and it is a common meeting place for those individuals as well.

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