The Blackhearts

The Blackhearts

GANG NAME: Blackhearts

LEADER: Black Eyed Susan. This human female is probably pushing into her late thirties now, which gives you an idea of how good she must be to have survived. She rules the gang by rite of combat, and defends her position on every full moon. She's fair and firm, but doesn't take crap: she'll cut your throat for crossing her and doesn't take backtalk, at all. Rumor is she was the daughter of a corper who got lost in the Warrens and never got out.

COLORS/SYMBOLS: A black heart with a chrome blade piercing it, trailing red blood. When tagged they use a simple heart with a slash through it.

TURF: Southern part of Sunrise, from Quincy south. Three block outpost north of E Quincy Ave in Sunrise proper.

DESCRIPTION: The Blackhearts are on the edge of the Warzone and make their cash by supplying entrance and more importantly exit to that area. Otherwise, the members of the gang sell the usual drugs and muscle services and have done work for both the Mob and The Eighty-Eights on occasion.

The Blackhearts don't favor any certain style of combat or weapon. Since Black Eyed Susan took over, the gang got rid of a lot of outdated ideas about how only melee weapons could prove how worthy a member was and how combat was the true proof of a warrior drek. Instead, she focuses on keeping the gang alive and how to salvage any weapons from the Warzone. Still, the average Blackheart is very comfortable with a blade or stick in their hand.

HEADCOUNT: The Blackhearts number 38 members ever since they absorbed the Jebel Way Warriors in January of 2070. The gang doesn't have any hang-ups about sex or race; they'll take any warm body.

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