Rocky Mountain Anarchists


None. This wannabe gang has only one focus, back each other while fu*king the world. They have grown more perverted over time, drug addicted, and insane. LSD and other psychotics have turned this relatively docile group of punk teens into insane punk young adults. A few have managed to awaken through their bizarre lifestyles, with the help of perverted magics and totems. Others have managed to cybernetically alter themselves in ways unappealing to common view. Whatever the truth, they are counterculture dropouts from the society of corporate teen life.



Quebecois national who came to Denver when his parents left Quebec. He still has a corporate SIN, but denounces it completely, and is an embarassment to his lawyer parents. He's a human who may or may not follow a totem 'the Destroyer'.


This pseudophilosophical punk recently contracted a venereal disease even modern medicine can't resolve. He's brutish, a lush, and always spouting philosophers. Also, he has been marked for watch by some paranormal investigators as a potential magician of the Twisted way. Proof has yet to be laid on him.





These guys are too much twisted to have any kind of regular uniform or colors, they use any kind of symbols that are shure to insult any group or people closeby. Examples include the Anarchy 'A', upside down crosses and Pentacles.

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