Red Glitter Crew 2060


This gang is all about the art. There is nothing particularly formibable or mean about them, and mostly they're nonviolent beyond defending the crew. Members tend to be young urban artists, learning to pop up Graffiti in Denver's more seedy districts. The name started when 'Glitter' the leader of the gang staretd getting famous for her glittery red paints. Her posse grew, till she had a full crew. A friendly rivalry with the 2060 gang formed, but so much crossover has come that RGC and 2060 are now just RGC2060. The gang is relatively nonviolent, preferring minor thefts to pay for their paints.



Glitter is a fiery haired and attractive dwarf woman who is famous for her rapelling into amazingly hard to reach areas, and then painting even more amazing murals. Her work is definitely art, something which many of the other members aspire to. She's also rumored to have had a control rig installed at some point.





Red. They're also called the 'reds' Some of them have the picture of a singular orange with one orange leaf on their paraphenelia.


Sub-gang to the Royals in Heather Gardens, also works in Mission Hills. They don't violently compete, but rather try to outdo other 'taggers' and 'bombers' as a lesser version of their artistic superiority. They like to practice on abandoned locations to hone their art, so can be found all over.

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