The Red Serpents


The Red Serpents are a go-gang that has a long-range and enthusiastic goal: having fun while proving their clear superiority on a motorcycle. Fortunately for the rest of the city, they are not the average 'thug'-like gang; they act more like a gentlemen's club.

They operate out of the Yamaha Motors building in the UCAS section of the non-contigious downtown sector. They are well-funded and they have a precision of movement that leads many to wonder if they might be ex-military.



Since this charismatic Elf took control of the Red Serpents he remade the gang in his image. Sleek, powerful and decidedly stylish, little is known about this blond-haired Paris reborn, though those that know him personaly would willingly lay down their lives for the man. It takes a lot to inspire that in a go-ganger.





All the Serpents ride identical motorcycles: Red Yamaha Rapiers with black serpents coiling down the sides, and wear black Synthleather racing suits with red serpents coiling down their backs and legs. Viper-One reverses that look, with a black bike and red leathers.


Mainly CAS Downtown sector, but ranging all over.

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