This gang is an anti-metahuman gang. Its primary focus is on orks and trolls, though it does hold separatist views toward dwarves and elves as well. Orks and trolls make up 90% of the targets of their violence, which is generally proactive. Dwarf/Elf abuse is generally a result of those metahumans not listening to the statements "This place isn't for your kind pointy-ear."

They model themselves out of Arthus Knights of the Round Table, even taking on names of given Knights they espouse. Many of them use lances with their motorbikes, in their harassment of 'Devil Districts', places where orks and trolls live. They receive a lot of money from some Humanis members secretively. Thus the group is relatively well equipped.


King Arthur

An adept who uses a large broadsword weapon focus he calls Excalibur. After a past serious wounding by a fireweapon he has become very aggressive towards gun wielders. Anyone totting out a gun in his presence is shure to become a prime target of the gang.


The most physical of the crew, Lancelot is Arthur's close second, though he lacks Arthur's vision and strategy.





Security or, as in King Arthurs case, Military Grade Armor made to look like Knight armor with plumed helmets. They bear the cross of the 'Teutonic Knights' on their surcoats and shields as well as on a tattoo over the heart. Many of the members have a day job at the Pentanic Silver Mining Company.

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