Dungeon Masters


This gang is more a kind of 'Cult' themed around modern High Fantasy. The awakening with its reappearance of the Metaraces having flared some of the more obscure ideas in some people. The Dungeon Masters require 'theme' garb. No modern weapons are allowed in their group, old ancient accents are spoken with m'lord and m'lady always used in talking to 'superiors'.
A 'front' business called 'Tony's Tacos' is the entrance to their underground facility and turf. Membership is only obtainable by going through "The Trial", but temporary membership is available for 1,000 nuyen per person.
Full Fantasy garb is required to enter their turf, no modern weapons are allowed (though smuggling them in is possible).



A massive human bodybuilder type with a 2 meter long monster of a sword. He's frequently dressed in a loin cloth and sporting iron ornamental bands around his biceps.





South Colorado Blvd. 2 blocks south of Sal's Motel, <JUST> before the inner Aztlan boarder wall. Tony's Taco's is the entrance to a vast underground complex that reaches down under the Atzlan sector.


A way to smuggle things in/out of the Aztlan sector, if you don't mind becoming a member of the Gang and passing "The Trial". Keeping a low key with your smuggling actions is suggested, considering the kind of firepower the Azzies tend to use if they get annoyed. Right now the Dungeon Masters are not worth their attention.

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