As with any of the big sprawls, Denver has developed a gang subculture unique to this city. A diverse group of gangs is fighting over turf or simply living in and around Denver. Here's just a small list showing some of the more stable gangs that haunt the streets of Denver.

Gangs of Denver


A gang that many believe is long gone. But then, there may be life left in the old dog yet.

Recently, vague rumors have reached the streets of a people that live in remote caverns of the Warrens Underground. Some think it's the Aethernauts stirring again.

Crimson Smoke

A ruthless gang out for a profit. Led by trio that combines magic, strength and cleverness in a way to make opposing gangs wary of getting in their way. Extensive non-combat influence might make even some 'runners think twice about getting on the Crimson Smokes' leadership's bad side.

The Dead Presidents

Small time thugs with no worries about money.
Spoiled corp brats that can rely on strong legal arms and enough money to pay for revenge provided by their rich parents.

The Demolition Boyz

Troll gang. Need I say more? Well this one focuses on car- and bike-theft and modification.
They are strong enough to haul off smaller cars and bikes by musclepower alone and they use that to the best of their ability. The gang also features some of the most gifted techs that the Denver sprawl has to offer.

The Demons

One of the most mysterious gangs in existence, the only aim the Demons seem to have is to spread chaos. They seem to have unlimited resources in matters of members and material. Even this name was only given to them by the people living in fear of their dreaded raids, that usually leave a path of death and destruction, as no hard facts about the gang exist at all.

Digital Anvil

A gang of Decker-Wannabees. The prime focus of this gang lies in getting enough cred to really get the equipment to be a force in the Trix. To achieve this they do about anything in their power including acting as security contractors inside their little turf.

The Dungeon Masters

A gang of fantasy 'cultists' that live an underground 'dungeon' connecting the UCAS and Aztech sector.
They are probably just tolerated due to the fact that these freaks reject modern weapons and live in their own world of High Fantasy and thus are basically not even worth the attention.

The Ghost Riders

A Ute motorcycle gang that roams the Nation and sometimes Denver's Ute Sector. Known to congregate at a place called the boneyard.

Goblin Yell

A gang of goblinized racist terrorists. These guys fight a 'holy' war against the human 'evil'.

The Huns

6th-world Hells Angels…need I say more?
Pretty good biker skills and always apt to violence.


Typical go-gangers, the Ironsiders earn their money by theft, refitting and more importantly: Smuggling.
They know about all the routes that can at any time be used to smuggle goods in and out of the Mile-High-City and they got the numbers and skills to secure their operations.

The Lich Lords

Goth-themed, the Lich Lords are a nasty lot. Making a living by organ legging people to get the cyber- and bioware they need to support their costly hobby of looking like Vampires, Wendigos and other niceties.

The Paladins

Anti-metahuman racists with attitude, these guys seem to think themselves the reincarnation of King Arthur and the Round Table. Funded more or less secretly by Humanis members they spread havoc among the metahuman society, especially targeting Orks and Trolls.

Red Glitter Crew 2060

The Red Glitter Crew is more a group of artists out for a good time, than a real gang. These guys spend most of their time to use color on concrete and usually engage in no hostile activity.

The Red Serpent

One of the less violent go-gangs, the Red Serpent is more out for showing off their admittedly formidable biking skills than causing real trouble. They know how to take care of themselves though, as quite a lot of opposition had to learn over the years.

Rocky Mountain Anarchists

These guys are morose, drug addicts or worse. Rumors of twisted totems and magic surround some members, but so far none of this can be proven. Obvious is however their attitude to be 'against' anything and anyone. This bunch is the extremest possible example of antagonism out of bounds.

The Saints

More an enterprising group than a gang in many aspects, the Saints nonetheless fiercely protect their territory to allow a good flow of business in their turf. Their large membership and far reaching influence, (even reaching into the shadow community), have made them a force to be reckoned with.

The Seven Deadly Sins

A Wiz gang operating under the theme of the Seven Deadly Sins. They work their talents along those sins and offer their services to other parties. Strong connections to the Italian Mafia.

Los Sureños

Connected to the Mexican and Aztlan Mafias this gang has a lot of influence on the Hispanic based population of Denver. Base income is drug trafficking for the cartels. The gang is in a constant struggle due to the strong influence of the Italian Mafia. [keyword: los surenos 13]

The Steel Tide

Heavily cybered and pushed up on combat drugs, these guys are a challenge even for a tough group of runners. In fact they are very likely to kick any ass that's so mad as to make them hostile. Usually these guys work as low level corp mercs and do relatively low-level crimes to finance their drug addictions.

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