The Flatirons

The Flatirons are composite sandstone rock formations on the east slope of Green Mountain just outside Boulder, Colorado. Usually, just the five numbered formations are referred to, although there are others along the southern facing of the mountain as well.

Long used as a symbol of Boulder, there are many shaman who believe that the Flatirons hold mystical significance for the region. Stories differ, but several point to legends that indicate a map is hidden inside one of the rocks, a map that will lead the traveler to the spirit realms. Other stories claim that the rocks act as a barrier against a magical threat, defending Boulder from harm.

Whatever the story, the Flatirons have been a tourist and local attraction for decades, providing, through Mountain Park, recreational activities for the area. Hiking, biking, bouldering, and climbing are just some of the activities in the park, and while visitors will find themselves cut off from civilization, those looking to get away will be able to take solace in the serenity offered.

Game Information: The Flatirons and surrounding Mountain Park do not have any special magical powers in and of themselves. There are rumours, however, of what one might find in caves beneath them, or perhaps just in their very nature. If there are protective spells, they are not active. No one has found a map, yet. That said, numerous campers and hikers have reported Spirits of Man and even something similar to a Man-of-the-Woods appearing spontaneously. Such spirits have often led lost hikers to safety and protected them from storms, though there are several stories of vandals seeing a darker side of nature through these spirits. Some hikers have never returned.

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