Cherry Creek

Cherry Creek Lake and Park

Would we talk about Cherry Creek State Park, Denver's Big Backyard, if it were not for the rise of Dunkelzahn from Cherry Creek Lake in 2012?

Located in the CAS sector (a point that is a hot button for all the Native American Nations as well as Aztlan), this protected park has fishing, hiking, camping, horseback riding, swimming, and more. However, diving is strictly prohibited and many violators are arrested each year. The Cherry Creek Park Rangers patrol the lake and surrounding area to prevent divers and treasure hunters as well as maintain order on the twelve miles of trails and 3900 acres of park, including 1000 surface acres of lake. Horseback, electric vehicle, and boats comprise just part of the patrols in the park, as well as a fully licensed magical support staff, boasted as being one of the largest in the state.

Many visitors flock to the park to feel closer to the Great Dragon Dunkelzahn after his death. Considered his 'birthplace' by many, various cults and pseudo-religious groups hold ceremonies in worship of him, often seeking to proselytize to campers and fun seekers. Numerous trideo specials and documentaries have been filmed here, and both the Atlantean Foundation and Archeologists Without Borders have petitioned the CAS government for rights to do dives and research but to no avail.

The mystery surrounding the dragon as well as the services offered sees some three million visitors a year to the park, with six new sims and trideo shows to be shot there in 2069 alone. A beautiful mystery in the heart of Denver, Cherry Creek State Park and Lake serves as a reminder of the Dragon President as well as the enigmas of the Sixth World.

Game Information: Cherry Creek State Park and Lake are not magical in and of themselves. There are unsolved mysteries that surround the park, ones that are hard to put a finger on. Why was Dunkelzahn there. Is his lair nearby? Was he imprisoned here or did he travel from somewhere else? These mysteries stand today, despite the best efforts of the Atlantean Foundation, AZT, and other interested parties. The Park Rangers have turned back all divers and exploratory search teams, sometimes by force in the dead of the night. Spirits adamantly refuse to search beneath the water for mages and shaman, simply vanishing if pressed. Magicians attempting to dive beneath the waters astrally, those that have gotten past the roaming patrols, have reported intense magical wards beneath the water, as well as a sense that they have traveled much further beneath the surface than they expected. Talk of astral creatures beneath the water is not an uncommon myth, one yet to be debunked.

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