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January 2013

February 1

Magic News: The CDC has recorded several incidents of the Mana Active Aura Deficency Syndrom in St. Louis and Kansas City. MADS is a viral infection spread between magical beings and is highly infectious; additionally, this disease can totally wipe out the magical talent in those infected in extreme cases. The CDC has elevated their vigilance in all cities as they search for others infected in an effort to stem any possible epidemic.

World News: A pitched battle between the CAS vessel The Pride of Texas and pirate forces left 146 dead near the Guam Freeport. Many reports claim that the pirates were actually Aztlan forces running without colours.

Matrix News: The 3rd Annual Groundhog Day Denver Matrix Scavenger Hunt will take place tomorrow! Jeff Mackey, aka "The Grid Warrior", is expected to be one of the top contenders. Mackey, last year's winner, is a first year grad student at the University of Colorado and an avid Matrix gamer. While last year's festivities were marred by cyber gangers, this year has added IC across the Denver grid in an attempt to keep unlicensed players from competing. First prize? 10,000 =Y= and bragging rights.

February 2

Space News: The Alala Space Platform, orbiting Mars, has been sending back reams of information recently from the Red Planet. Ares Aerospace engineers have been hard at work decoding the data, and AA plans to send a research team out this spring in order to take core samples and begin Phase I of Mars Colonization. Ares reps were quiet other than a small announcement, "Ares leads the way!"

World News: Punxsutawney Phil has seen his shadow! This means that there will be an early spring. Also, Kunning Kenny, the Awakened Squid at the Denver Aquarium has eaten his mirror, which predicts the same thing. Kenny has been right six years in the running now, and despite some problems removing the mirror from the electricity generating squid, he is in excellent health.

Local News: Despite the trickle of power, gas, and water that gets into the Aurora 'Warrens', there are thousands, perhaps even millions that are without power, shelter, and food there every day. Won't you help? Please give to the Aurora Mother's Association. Every nuyen you give will help feed a family in the Warrens, and with your contribution of 100 nuyen you will get a commemorative t-shirt. A donation of 1,000 =Y= or more is tax-deductable. Please, won't you help?

February 3

Space News: Aztechnology insists that they have developed a method to reduce space flight time. The megacorporation is being canny with their news releases, saying only that they plan a major press conferance later in the week. Experts believe that this has something to do with Aztechnology's recent endevours into string theory and experimental magic hybrid engines.

World News: Outrage over Knight Errant presence in Cleveland and perceived racial injustice have intensified the riots there. Ares and Knight Errant are expected to put more boots on the ground, possibly pulling resources from Denver, Detroit and Indianapolis.

Local News: Six men were found dead today near Checkpoint Arapahoe in Aurora. While this tragic event is not ususual for the area, the fact that all six men were orks, handcuffed and blindfolded, and shot in the back of the head execution style is. Authorities are quiet this morning on what this may mean.

February 4

Weapons News: Further news on the much anticipated 'Smartlink 3' project. The ability to 'bend' rounds, allowing them to follow targets even around corners, is one of the most derided aspects of the new gear as well as one of the most eagerly awaited. Ares Arms was quoted as saying, "All you have heard is both true and false. We expect that the new targeting computer will exceed any and all expectations."

World News: London is moving on the second phase of removing the biodomes around and over the city in the hopes of dispersing the persistant pollution over the city. The first phase, despite some terrorist activity, went without many flaws and pollution has decreased some ten percent.

Entertainment News: The Wild Cards are working on their fourth album and expectations are high. The band's last album, Death of a Samurai, did well but not spectacularly; despite this, and perhaps because of the band's rumoured shadowrunning sideline, they still have a large and rabid following. Look for more information come summer.

February 5

Local News: With Mardi Gras only a week away, the CAS Sector is gearing up for a weekend of parties and debauchery. Clubs across the sector have plans to celebrate the festivities with prizes, concerts, and more. Get your beads!

World News: Is the increased mana flow causing more weather problems? Meteorologies and Thaumaturgists are meeting in Hawai'i for the first Magical Weather Conference this weekend in the hopes of settling what is actually going on. Dr. Alan Rodger remarked, "It's astounding the sort of blowback we get from even suggesting this. If magic can cause volcanos to erupt and change the very genetic make up of individuals, why is it so out of the ordinary to suggest it may be reshaping our very climate into something more suited to its needs?"

Local News: Citizens against the Sun, a local policlub which may or may not be associated with vampires and those with severe allergies to sunlight, is formally requesting the Council look into funding a dome across parts of the city to help ameliorate the affects of the intense Colorado sun. Speaker George "Ravenwood" Wood commented, "It's just stupidly bright around here. I mean, really? This is rediculous!"

February 6

Local News: Problems persist in the Ute Sector and Nation as interior political tensions continue to bring strife to this part of the city. William Huhuseca's political capital is nearly exhausted as his Nation calls for his removal on a daily basis. Whatever favors he may have are quickly becoming moot.

World News: Hot on the heels of the reported magical weather seminar, a number of anti-magic policlubs are actively protesting magical use in the UCAS as well as other nations. Francis Larnz of Mothers Against Mages remarked, "Magic is continuing to degrade and dehumnanize our society. Would you allow someone to walk around with a nuclear device? And yet we allow these People of Mass Destruction to wander our streets."

Local News: In an exclusive interview with AZT001, Hector Ramirez remarked on the future of the Council of Denver "I look forward to meeting any new members that come forward. Aztlan will not be leaving Denver, and we hope to have a cordial relationship with the other countries as we try to make this city work."

February 7

Matrix News: The new Scatter Matrix interface program has been getting mixed reviews. While there is greater ease of use, some are reporting intense cluster headaches after extended use. Further, some users are reporting that use of the interface has made disconnecting from their 'trix connection harder, resulting in greater addiction.

World News: With Wednesday's tragic events in Cleveland, UCAS citizens seem to be fully behind Knight Errant and Ares at this point. As we previously reported, a group of terrorists detonated a small explosive device of some kind that destroyed several blocks of the inner core of the city along with the 3rd Defense Company for Knight Errant. Despite the incredible loss of life and resources, Knight Errant has vowed that they will strike down the insurgents in the city and restore order.

Sports News: The Denver Slaughter is the newest entry into the Courball craze. The Slaughter's arena has been finished in the UCAS Sector and they are expected to start the new season with a bang. The court, nicknamed The Bloodbowl, is already drawing tourists and games are expected to draw in a great deal of revenue for the city.

February 8

Local News: Intense windstorms and Mana Storm Events will rock the Ute Nation, specifically near Reno. While this doesn't affect the Denver area at this time, a Severe Travel Advisory has been placed for the Denver Metroplex area heading into the Ute Nation. The Ute Nation has also advised that they are limiting travel into the nation at this time.

Local News: Is Mary Cat Dancing dead? The ailing Sioux Nation Councilwoman has not been seen in public in some time. With rapidly growing rumours that her replacement is being selected as this goes to press, the speculation of her death has begun. Her staff has not responded to repeated requests for information on this, nor will they confirm if Cat Dacing is alive or dead.

Entertainment News: With the sweeps period beginning, the most anticipated new trideo show as well as the most controversial is The Awakened Hunt. In this new docu-drama, contestants will be pitted against Awakened creatures and even metahuman spellcasters. Both magical rights policlubs and animal rights activists are outraged and calling for the show to be removed from the schedule, but to date they are being ignored. There are rampant rumours that an anti-magical policlub is funding the show.

February 9

Local News: Speculation is rampant about the Council of Denver. Right now, the UCAS, CAS, Ute and Sioux seats are up for grabs according to rumour, with the Pueblo and Aztlan seats more stable. This speculation has put many of the recent decisions and appointments by the Council in question, and the future seems uncertain for many in the political game in Denver.

Local News: Six are dead in what appears to be a hate crime in the UCAS Sector. The Sisterhood of Divinity, a local magic friendly organization, was wiped out by unknown assailants. Witnesses say that they heard gunfire and the sound of 'something' roaring in the Sisterhood's townhouse before an explosion rocked the neighborhood. Knight Errant says they are investigating.

World News: Tensions continue as Knight Errant begins moving large armoured vehicles in to pacify parts of Cleveland in what some are calling a corporate takeover of the city. Ohio Senator Clive Thomas remarked, "There was a time in this country when the President would stop such nonsense. Are they in the pocket of Big Business now? Does Ares run the White House?"

February 10

Entertainment News: 6 are dead and 46 injured as a taping of Shadow Chase went horribly wrong. The docudrama, shot in Denver, went astray when the film crew were ambushed by the Demons go-gang just outside Monument. Production on the show has been put on hold, with two of the main starts dead and much of the production team hospitalized.

World News: Erika announced that the massive communications array just outside of Oulu is nearing completion after nearly 8 months. This array will be used for long-range communications with Ares Alala Space Platform as well as further colonies and space missions planned. While there is some concern regarding the creatures in the Haparanda Anomaly Zone, Erika has the greatest confidence in the security of this new facility and has made plans for 'every conceivable condition'.

World News: The Year of the Water Snake begins today as the world celebrates the Lunar New Year. Festivals abound across the world, with many local events taking on a pagentry all their own. Combine this with the ongoing Mardi Gras celebrations currently going on and it seems that much of the world is in a party atmosphere.

February 11

Local News: Planning to move to a new sector? Plan to wait! The various sector business and immigration offices are all reporting massive slowdowns as citizens from various sectors are looking for a change. The most prevelant reasons given are unhappiness with the current political unrest in the city.

Magic News: Theoretical magicians out of MIT&T have proposed a new magical compound, Merlinium. This element, which seems to be an amalgamation of orichalcum (specifically Snowdownian orichalcum) with a specific crystal-like mineral (unidentified in the press release, but believed to be from Tir Tairngire), has twice the tensile strength of titanium alloy and the ability to hold a magical charge with less effort and longer. Other magical institutes are insisting that more research needs to be done before crowning any new compounds or elements, and are asking for copies of the research to check.

Matrix News: Users may notice a slowdown across the Denver Grid as the Pueblo Corporate Council concludes a six year upgrade plan. Citizens of that sector will now enjoy virtual interfaces in most local businesses and increased speed as well. Upgraded interface protocols can be acquired at the following link.

February 12

Local News: The Aztlan Sector is continuing with plans to increase their magical defenses along border check points. Travelers should be aware of such checks going into effect by the end of the month. Sources in the nation tell us that a number of magically aware individuals have been hired to work in Denver, with many being Seers, a sort of magician that specializes in seeing auras.

Financial News: Fleche Armaments, a fully owned subsidiary of CATCo, is planning to launch a whole new line of weapons to challenge Ares venerable Predator and Alpha lines. The lines will be more than just similar designs; they are reportedly going to have revolutionary components that make changing modular pieces a snap.

Entertainment News: Trish "The Dish" Scallenger of the Latch Key Kids is reportedly seeing One Eye from the British band Curry Soup. Scallenger has been through a host of men in the last few months, but she claims that One Eye is her 'soul mate' and that maybe there could be wedding bells in the future. Her father is reportedly furious.

February 13

Local News: The local chapter of the Brotherhood for an Unawakened America is petitioning the Council of Denver to require Aztlan and the NAN sectors to remove the excessive magical protections at checkpoints. Ryan Sebring remarked, "It is against our rights to have these unclean elements analyzing our persons and casting who knows what spells under the aegis of 'protecting' their borders." The UCAS based organization plays a peaceful rally near several border checkpoints today.

World News: The Lord Protector of Britain said that despite external pressures, there is no current plan to change from the pound sterling to the nuyen. Nevertheless, there is a rising need for the ailing country to chance their ways, lest they be left behind as the rest of the world moves on.

Local News: No definitive deal has been made with DocWagon. As we reported last month, the Council has been in negotiations to keep the venerable organization as the city's primary emergency care corporation. However, with recent turmoil with the council, negotiations have broken down and neither side is talking. CrashCart and others are waiting in the wings with their own deals.

February 14

Local News: A box of hearts was left on the steps of Lone Star Precinct House #5 this morning. These are believed to be human hearts, and a note was left with the box stating "Be my Valentine?" Lone Star is on Active Alert at this point and warns citizens to contact them if they have any information on this.

Military News: Ares Arms reports that they have made a breakthrough in explosives technology. Tenitively named C-16 by some reporters, Ares Arms claims that it is at least 10 times more powerful than Plastic Compound 12, and its addition to certain rockets and missiles will revolutionize armored vehicle combat in the near future.

World News: Is a magical state possible? A growing number of Awakened and magic supporters are looking into founding their own nation. While such an event would be difficult, supporters claim that they have a great deal of political support in several other nations and are now looking for the right spot. Anti-magic groups believe this is the precursor to a full out mage versus mundane war.

February 15

Local News: In light of the near daily stops along the Ute Borders as questionable individuals have attempted to bring in items deemed harmful to the Ute people, the Ministry for Self-Determination, working in conjunction with the Border Patrol and checkpoints, will step up their random searches of vehicles attempting to enter or leave the nation. Expect extended delays for entry.

Local News: Mothers of Metahumans will be holding a rally in the CAS Sector this evening in support of the new citizens to that sector as well as in condemnation of the state of affairs in the Japanese Protectorate of California as well as the entire California Free State. Lone Star does not expect any trouble from the event, being held at the Belleview Park, but are on the lookout for anti-meta elements.

World News: Shots rang out across Paris as elements of Milieu de la Nuit (Dark of Night in English), a paranormal cult, attacked elements of Hermes Eurocom. The battle left six dead and fourteen wounded as well as 150,000 Euro in damages.

February 16

Entertainment News: Robot Love, a comedy sim by Dreamcatcher Studios, is set for release in the second quarter of 2073. The sim will follow the love story between robots and the humans around them, with the usual hilarious hijinks. The tagline "Tickle my Servo" is already being seen in all public nodes on the Matrix.

Entertainment News: Lumiere (A French-based hard rock band) has released a follow up album to Wonderland in Alice. The Looking Glass in You is a rock opera that follows the life of Alice as she becomes more than anything she could ever hope for. The opening track, 'White Knights and Walruses' debuts today.

Entertainment News: Shadow Warriors, the highly popular shadowrunner-themed action series, is set to spin-off Mage Wars tonight. Set in the near future, the viewers will watch the Wolf shaman Dakota Blaze take her spell-storing sword Mourn and do battle against the science-magics of the hidden city of Jauntar and the God-Mage H'ronror.

February 17

Crime News: Hotter than Cal Hots, the newest brainburner is called X-Treme! and is being pushed in parts of the Ute Nation, PCC, and Sioux Nations. The brainchild of Arron Stepenwulf of the Commanche Mob, according to rumour anyway, this BTL chip gives you twice the highs of the Cal Hots with none of the downsides. Security firms across North America are concerned about these chips and are on high alert. If you have any information, please contact your local security provider.

Financial News: Ford's 2073 Galaxy sedan is facing recalls after a faulty steering mechanism has caused three deaths and eighteen crashes. Ford claims that the vehicles were fine when shipped, and is investigating corporate sabotage.

World News: The world is watching a breaking news story about a slavery ring in the UCAS. According to sources, ork and troll children are being taken and placed in fabrication facilities, forced to work long hours under harsh conditions. The UN and others are condemning the UCAS government for this, despite the story only breaking a few hours ago. Is it the work of extreme poligroups or did it have the backing of the administration?

February 18

Space News: Aztechnology's vaunted new engines have been thourougly debunked by NASA scientists. The brain trust claim that the engines simply will not work and might even explode, causing wide spread ecological damage. Aztechnology rebukes the claims, stating that NASA "simply does not have all the facts."

Financial News: Denver Broncos nose tackel Todd Marshall was found dead in his home this morning. KE officers on the scene found the six year veteran dead in what appears to be a tragic suicide. No details from the scene have been released to the media yet, and we will keep you up to date on what transpires.

Local News: More turmoil with the Council. Councilman Falloon's office is refusing to meet with the press at the moment and the Councilman is reported to be 'on a personal break'. We know that Falloon has left the city at this time, but where he is and why he has left hasn't been released.

February 19

Food News: Are soy and krill on the way out? While standard theory that has been pushed is that with limited farmland, produced soy and krill bases are cheaper and more nutritious than other means. That said, Aztechnology has revealed "The Chicken House", a small arcology in Juarez. This seventy-five story pyramid shaped building houses what some are saying is over a million chickens and other animals that the corporation is breeding for food sources to replace soy and krill. The exact numbers are unknown, but the corporation is rolling out their protein rich menu later this year.

Sports News: The Nuggets continue their losing streak and have even worse news: Darren Topper is out for the season. The Power Forward for the team suffered a fracture to both hands in a freak fall in last night's game. The normally nimble player seemed unable to stop himself, falling with all his weight on both hands.

Local News: The Church of the Risen God is coming to Denver. This new relgious order, based on the books by H.P. Lovecraft, has been drawing attention in other cities due to allegations of ritual sacrifice and abductions. While nothing has been proven, the organization is nevertheless under scrutiny.

February 20

Food News: "Everyone should know what real food tastes like." Aztechnology's Director of Food Management Juan Gutierrez remarked yesterday after news that not only Aztechnology has begun moving away from soy and krill, but several other agricorps have announced that they are moving in that direction as well. "Soon, everyone will know what chicken tastes like instead of what a lab tells you it does."

World News: Reverend Leo Barnett of the Council for A Better America remarked last night on Meet The Press, "Too many of these so called magicians are adopting heathen practices. It's bad enough that they are choosing to participate in magic, but these 'shaman' are turning away from God and taking on Indian and other sub-cultures ideas and beliefs. It's a tragedy."

Local News: The Order of Abraham, a white extremist group who claims that the American Indians stole the Americas from the white man in the early days, has denounced the Ute Nation in a blistering address this afternoon and promised 'grave repercussions from their heathen practices and ways.' Pastor Aaron Michaels spoke out as well, claiming, "Should even the smallest hair on an Anglos head be harmed, God will visit a tenfold retribution on the savages that performed such actions."

February 21

Magic News: Mana Active Aura Deficency Syndrome has spread from Kansas City and St. Louis, with cases being reported in Boston, Philly, and Manhattan. MADS is a viral infection spread between magical beings and is highly infectious; additionally, this disease can totally wipe out the magical talent in those infected in extreme cases. As we reported earlier this month, the CDC is moving to categorize this as an epidemic and is trying to stem the tide of cases.

World News: Boise is on fire. A 'shadow war' has erupted between smuggler elements that traverse the city, leaving a full thirty percent on fire at present. Tir Tairngire has "suggested" that the Salish-Shidhe Council get their house in order, or else.

Local News: Lone Star is denying allegations of profiling in the death of six Russian 'gangsters'. Lt. David Ricci said, "There is no profiling. These were bad guys doing bad things; if they are black, green, red or blue, we follow the law. They stepped into the wrong turf and fired on officers. What can you do?"

February 22

Magic News: Will the Dark Cloud Event happen again? Readers may remember the Wells Fargo "Dark Cloud" that terrorized Denver for some months back in 2070. Can something like that happen again? Can the city's magical resources fend off such an event? This matter is being brought before the Council in a closed door meeting, although several members are meeting via proxy and teleconference.

Local News: With talismongery supplies in short supply due to the problems in the Ute Nation, other routes are being explored to bring in materials for the city. Some roadblocks have been hit, however, in the UCAS as the anti-magic sentiment grows.

Local News: Eagle Security Services Inc. denies claims that several Anglo girls have gone missing in their sector. Lone Star reports that several UC students were heading up through into the Sioux Nation and have subsequently gone missing. Eagle SSI does not have any mention of the girls heading into the sector or the Nation.

February 23

Magic News: Still no outside confirmation on Merlinium, the new magical compound that MIT&T has introduced. Several teams have attempted to breach security on the project; as of yet, no one has despite high loss of life on both sides. As we reported on February 11th, this material could be a Holy Grail for magical research and development.

Local News: Knight Errant vehemently denies claims they are against magical citizens and that they interfered in any religious practices. This comes after allegations of a KE raid on a neopagan ritual with six arrests and two hospitalized with third degree burns. KE claims that they attempted to serve a warrant and they were attacked.

Local News: The Sioux Nation has admitted that Mary Cat Dancing is in ill health. The Councilwoman has been absent for weeks now as the Council continues to battle problems and difficulties with their members, with replacements hovering in the wings. No word yet on if Cat Dancing will return or not.

February 24

Weapons News: Ares Arms is very close to releasing the Smartlink 3. Earlier this month we explored some details about the device and while the arms company is being very tight lipped about all the specifications, the gun community expects that the new 'link will allow a shooter to defeat cover and even invisibility.

Local News: Heavy winds are believed responsible for an overturned drone-controlled truck. Highway 24 West was closed for 3 hours this afternoon after the truck overturned and its load, 9,000 gallons (34,000 liters) of mango-habanero krill. Clean-up is still ongoing and traffic is snarled.

World News: Will 'kraaglin' be the newest holiday? As we reported in December, Dr. George Tarin, a scholor in Metahuman History with his focus on Ork Society, is pushing hard for this Orkish holiday that takes place from December 23rd through the 28th. He is confident that he can push this into the 2073 season, giving orks a racial holiday and sense of accomplishment. Several anti-meta groups are vehemently against this.

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