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December 2012

December 14

Local News: Scandalous images were briefly uploaded to the Matrix showing Davis Weathers, a VP on the Free Zone Water Board in flagrante delicto with a young woman identified only as 'Vivian', a performer at The Fallen Angel. Weathers has vigorously denied that the images depict him, nor would he ever be in a cowboy hat and backless chaps engaging in such actions. The Water Board is expected to make an official comment after the holiday.

Security News: Telestrian Industries is said to be weeks away from releasing a form of 'genetic scrambler' that can temporarily render a subject's natural abilities inert. One rumour is that the scrambler was specifically made to counteract both large-scale metahumans as well as adepts, whose abilities have proven very hard for the prison system to counter. TI has made no comment one way or the other.

Local News: With rising racial tensions especially in the UCAS, strong voter support has rallied behind bills designed to limit gatherings of such individuals in light of violence in Minneapolis Wednesday, in which seventeen trolls left three dead and ninety-five injured after a riot broke out from what was supposted to be a peacefull gathering. UCAS Sector Public Relations coordinator Alan Stevens said this morning, "We have no reason to believe such violence would take place in Denver. We believe it was an isolated event."

NOTE!: The Telestrian news is a slow burn plot from Savannah.

December 15

World News: The number of nosferatu in Europe is on the rise, with those in the paranormal community believing that the numbers are nearly twenty times larger than Professor Spencer believed possible in his Paranormal Animals of Europe document. Many believe that the creatures have made the trip to North America as well, and are working in large enclaves in several major cities in the UCAS and CAS.

World News: A Renraku facility in Mongolia was severely damaged by what appears to be a magically inspired earthquake/sinkhole. Eye witnesses claimed man-sized beings of solid rock assisted a number of metahumans in assaulting the facility. The exact extent of the damage and the number of casualties has not been established.

Local News: Gunfire near the Downtown Core brought a sharp response from Lone Star forces after a so-called "Shadowrunner Team" attempted to dare an morning kidnapping from AVT Technologies. Traffic was diverted around the area as LS took nearly two hours to contain the situation. It is thought that at least one of the Shadowrunners managed to escape. Three Lone Star officers are hopitalized in critical condition, two dead.

December 16

World News: Fires rage out of control in the Warsaw-Lodz sprawl's "Jungle" after army forces clashed with what are being labeled as 'extremeist terrorists'. Currently over twenty percent of the buildings in the Jungle are ablaze.

World News: Internal conflicts continue to cause problems into the new year for the Salish-Shidhe Council after the Makah tribe has claimed several power sites that had previously belonged to the Cascade Ork tribe. Things are coming to a boiling point after harsh words and peacemakers were unable to sway the Makah.

Local News: An overturned transport outside of Monument is thought to have been caused by "shadowrunners". Three black Americars worked in concert to run the transport off the road, but otherwise did nothing else. Lone Star is skeptical of the reports, calling it "most likely an accident."

December 17

Financial News: A push is being made by several countries to create a nuyen bill and coin, much like the Swiss Franc. Several members across Europe and North America see this as a call back to 'the good old days' when, as CAS Senator Jordan Weiss commented, "You had some jangle in your pockets instead of cold electronic currency." A counter to this is an Implanted Chip that would act as your credstick, containing not only bank information but SIN and other data as well.

Financial News: Talecris Plasma Resources released a statement this morning with rigorous new standards for blood and plasma donations. Metahuman rights activists are expected to react strongly to the news, as the UCAS's largest private blood service will no longer be accepting donations from trolls or orcs, and will have higher than normal standards for dwarves and elves. "We are committed to the highest level of service and protection for all citizens," read the statement in part. This story is Breaking News.

Local News: Lone Star is investigating a string of car thefts, though the criminals seem to be taking less of the car and more of the accessories, especially wheels, GRIDGUIDE readers, Suncell pannels, and so forth. Officer Amiera Cortez remarked, "This is the oddest string of thefts I've ever seen."

December 18

Entertainment News: It seems Santa will have a guest at this years festivities at The North Pole (PCC, at the base of Pike's Peak). Recording star Eliza Starr will be with Santa signing autographs and performing December 22nd. Star's newest hit Magic Eyes is #6 on this week's charts.

Entertainment News: Ali ibn Kadabra will perform tonight at the Lunar Nocturn in the CAS Sector. The magically active nightspot will play host to the performer, whose death-defying 'Man in the Box' has been a showstopper across the country.

Local News: The week long Winter Solstice party and magical convention is underway at Cherry Creek Lake and Park. Tonight, the Brotherhood of the Dragon will attempt to commune with Dunkelzahn. Also, there are games, rides, tarot readings and more! Activities all day long with performances by the Sisters of the Spirits and Toverachtig. Admission is 25 =Y=, with half of all proceeds going to the Dunkelzahn Memorial Scholorship at UC.

December 19

World News: 63 people were found dead in what appears to be a mass suicide near Bristol, UK. There were elements of some sort of ritual nearby, and none of the bodies have a mark on them. Many claim this is part of a cult proclaiming the end of the world on the anniversary of the beginning of the 6th World.

World News: GenePeace has come forward with more claims that Karimunjawa Islands, also called Monster Islands, are once again being used as a dumping ground for failed genetic experiments. The Indonesian government scoffs at such claims, calling them outrageous. The UN is said to be looking into it.

Local News: The Sioux Sector is said to be testing certain non-lethal chemcial restraint methods to be used over the course of the coming months. They would not go into explicit details, but claim that the methods are quite safe and humane.

December 20

Entertainment News: Wild Cards, the hot Seattle band whose latest album Death of a Samurai was in the Top 10 of 2072, are reportedly having internal troubles and may be breaking up. The band, set to perform this weekend in Denver, deny all claims but tensions have been high behind the scenes with Jack Diamond looking to branch out on his own according to rumors.

Space News: The Alala Space Platform has not made contact in the last 48 hours. The platform, in orbit around Mars, was expected to send back real time data on the efforts to terraform the area coming to be known as "The Red City." Ares Aerospace claims there is no cause for alarm and that everything is on schedule.

Local News: Traffic is expected to be denser than usual this weekend as a number of local entertainment hotspots will have A-List performers. The Bolshoi Ballet will be performing at the World Arena (PCC Sector) while Rama's Fire will be at the Civic Center. Three peformances of The Man Who Stared At The Sun, the award winning play by Michael Zimblist, has critics raving and will occupy much of the city's glitterati.

NOTE! Space news is a slow burn plot from Savannah.

December 21

Entertainment News: Kami Kurtz, most recently of the trideo show Playmates in Space, will host a new program targetting the Denver citizen. The new show, tentatively titled Mile High Mayhem, will co-star Thomas "The Tank" Gunderson recently of the Houston Mustangs combat biker team. The show will highlight the dangerous nightlife and exciting entertainment in Denver.

World News: Elements in the UCAS are attempting to gain traction on a new bill that would make sexual relations between metatypes illegal. Led by Dr. Margaret Adkins, those behind the bill claim that there is scientific proof that so-called 'cross breeding' is causing significant genetic damage to future generations and may in fact be breeding 'normal' people out of existence.

Local News: Tejon Street in the CAS sector will play host to a massive Winter Festival/Christmas party starting at 7PM MST. Local bands Trigger and Nightfyre will be performing, with rides and hourly giveaways and presents.

December 22

Sports News: Is Billy Dee out? The Nuggets are moving on an option to trade the widely popular power forward after his third run in with corporate security. Dee, who is having a great year with 12 of 15 threes last game, has been having major problems with his wife Karolina. The couple are currently living in separate houses and are embroiled in a nasty divorce proceeding.

World News: Renraku has made a bid to replace Saeder-Krupp as the sole provider of Matrix services to Spain. Viento Systems, the fully owned subsidiary of SK, has had numerous issues over the last few months resulting in unacceptable downtime to many of the country's corporate and governmental holdings.

World News: A rising new trend in Japan involve radical bone marrow transplants and blood transfusions. A common superstition is that blood type is an indicator of personality, similar to the Western belief in the Zodiac. Several companies have reportedly perfected a system to make changes to an individual's blood type, and have more than a few customers lined up.

December 23

Sports News: Battle Sunday! Tonight, Jerrin 'The Viking' Dolluson will be doing epic battle versus Gary 'The Troll' Kruzchev in a Mixed Weapons Martial Battle on Channel EN1259. Kruzchev, who is 125-0, is the odds on favorite but The Viking has an impressive 59-3 record, and with his new cyberarm and eye he should be more than capable of doing battle axe on mace versus the much larger man. Las Vegas is giving 2-1 odds on the fight.

Local News: Local design firm Higgins and Prow have made national news with a personal jet propulsion system or 'jet pack'. H&P's spokesman says that the system, called Icarus, should be available by the summer. Icarus, according to H&P, will revolutionize modern travel and allow personal intercity travel that will save billions in transporation costs for the city.

Local News: Two bigrigs were stopped at the Sioux border, whereupon it was discovered that they held some sixty total refugees from the Ute Nation. The trucks were confiscated and the refugees are currently in the process of being rerouted elsewhere.

December 24

Local News: All air traffic over the Aztlan Sector is suspended this evening as new anti-aircraft sensors and deterrents come on line tomorrow. According to one wag on the sector patrol, "The only thing we better see in the sky is a sleigh and some reindeer!"

World News: Dr. George Tarin, a scholor in Metahuman History with his focus on Ork Society, claims that the other documents found with the Or'zet Codex have shined new light on the practices and observances of the orkish people. He further claims that there is an Orkish Holiday that is celebrated approximately December 23rd through December 28th called "kraaglin". Dr. Tarin is pushing that this holiday be recognized by all nations and placed on calendars for 2073.

Science News: News out of Georgia Tech today, as an unidentified source has released documents regarding a project called "Uplift". It seems this project is being backed by a number of corporations (and our sources indicate they are all shell companies), and the objective is to give human or near-human intelligence and cognative abilities to animals. A number of test subjects are apparently at the university. University officals have not responded to our calls on this subject.

December 25

No news

December 26

Local News: Traffic was backed up early this morning as what may have been sabotage took out two lines of the rail system in the UCAS. Knight Errant has not released a statement yet; Front Range Transit claims that there was damage to the solar array that might be sabotage or might just have been environmental damage.

World News: Boxing Day takes place today, with extreme shopping taking place across Britain as well as the northern reaches of the UCAS. UCAS Senator Davis Gonzalez (R - Maine) has remarked "this so-called holiday should be banned in the UCAS. It's a product of a by-gone day. Canada is gone. Long live the UCAS!"

Local News: A measure has been presented to the Council of Denver to limit the sale of heavier armoured clothing within the city. The measure claims that such sales from places like Weapons World and Armor City have a negative effect on moral in the city and faith in the security firms. "The average citizen does not need the level of armour that the stores provide. It's absurd to have layer upon layer of armour on while going about your business. Violence is down in Denver thanks to Lone Star and others." The statement from Violet Cauley represents the views of the measure's backers.

December 27

Financial News: Aztechnology's new Nuke-lar Hot U-Nuk-It Burritos campaign has added to the company's coffers. Early estimates place AZT's earnings up 4 percent for this quarter, and with six new promotions on the way for various products from their subsidiaries, this is looking to be a good new year for the company.

World News: The trideos are in a tizzy with rumors of high level meetings between the Ute Nation and Aztlan today. Speculations run wild, with 'inside sources' claiming that both Aztlan and Aztechnology are in talks to reach out to the beleaguered nation. UCAS representatives had no comments, but the floor erupted in a closed-door meeting in Atlanta today as the CAS nation looks at this possible alliance with trepidation.

Local News: A squatter camp near Cuernavaca Park along the South Platte River was broken up in an early morning raid. Knight Errant spokesman Lt. John Disher reported, "We had evidence that two shadowrunners were holed up with the group. While we did not apprehend those suspects, we were able to uncover a sizable stash of drugs and weapons amongst the camp and feel that the raid still measures as a success. The people of the UCAS sector can sleep a little easier tonight."

December 28

Sports News: Allegations of illegal modifications have struck the Colorado Avalance hockey team. Forwards Dan Vassel and Stephen Finkle are alleged to have had extensive remodification of their bone structure as well as internal armour added, in direct violation of NHL rulings, further exacerbated by the use of illegal clinics for the surgeries. A meeting will be held later today by the Commissioner and the Rulings Committee for punishment.

World News: Telesma trade has picked up in Tsimshian, which has led to a number of skirmishes between Mitsuhama interests and 'treasure seekers'. The Tsimshian government has issued a statement condemning the out of country talisleggers, remarking, "If necessary, we will mobilize our military interests to protect our sovereign property and national resources.

Local News: A brief bit of excitement in the Sioux Sector as six prize bulls got loose from the Professional Bull Riders rodeo show scheduled for this weekend. The city was treated to real live cowboys doing their job as they wrangled the beasts and took them back to the show. No one, including the animals, were injured.

December 29

Entertainment News: A virtual celebration for New Years will be held at the Spiral, a Matrix-based club that guarantees that you'll go home with the cleanest hangover possible. With brainburners and neural entertainment, you have the chance to celebrate from the comfort of your own head.

World News: Eco-Terrorists have attacked several petrochem sites in southwestern Russia over the course of the last thirty-six hours. Saeder-Krupp's public relations department has had no comment on the matter, nor have they responded to reports that they are sending mercenary forces for added protection to the region.

Local News: The Council of Denver has been very quiet this holiday week. Some angry activists claim that the members are hiding rather than celebrating, afraid to address their stance on the various hotbutton topics that have dominated the political news. Darker claims indicate that at least one Council member was injured in an attempted assassination, but there is little to substantiate such claims.

December 30

Entertainment News: Orion's Belt Studios have just released a statement that they have aquired an exclusive contract with Maggie Methane, whose contract with Quark Studios wasn't set to expire for another six months. Quite the coup for Orion's Belt. No word if this acquisition is also responsible for the three alarm fire and six wounded at Ms. Methane's old apartment complex.

World News: Though quiet in the news recently, there are still those attempting to navigate the tensions and profit from the gold finds in the Sierras. JPS and Ute forces have both reported a number of arrests and small fire fights with treasure seekers, and expectations seem to be that this will be an ongoing problem.

Local News: Two years after the fact, there are still unanswered questions regarding the so-called "Wells Fargo Event", also known as "The Dark Cloud." Jeremy Falloon in particular has been called out, along with Knight Errant, for not having a plan in place then, or even now, to handle such a wide spread magical effect. Neither has responded as of press time.

December 31

Local News: Expect larger than normal patrols this evening as Knight Errant and Lone Star in particular will be out in force. Each border point is also doubling as a sobriety checkpoint this evening in order to curb the tragedy of three years ago with Blissed and drunken revelers caused nearly 18 deaths.

Sportng News: Atlantic Sporting Group, makers of the new Spiritwalkers athletic shoes, has been charged with attempting to fix games as well as adding certain chemicals to their shoes, primarily those given to players as incentives. These chemicals act like performance enhancing drugs when a player sweats, the chemcials seeping into their bloodstream. The effects, although minimal at first, have a significant impact on a player's abilities. Specific players have not been indicated as yet, but the Commissioners of Baseball and Basketball are involved in the suit against ASG.

Local News: Magic is expected to be plentiful in the city as the Starseers, a mystic group that believes mankind came from the stars, will be performing at Cherry Creek Lake and Park.

Local News: Numerous parties will dot the city this evening, with live performances in every sector. Tickets for the big events are sold out already, but there is something to be had at nearly ever pub, bar, club, and hole in the wall in town.

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