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January 2013

January 1

World News: The PCC and Ute Nations are having their annual 'thanks but no thanks' petition and denial phase regarding Chico Canyon. As reported in last year's segment, "The Awakened World", locals have reported strange goings-on in the canyon. While on the border of the two nations, the Pueblo Corporate Council has set this area aside as a protected sacred site and has been investigating. The Ute Nation has offered to send in their own specialists to help, which has been rebuked and ignored by the PCC. In something of a yearly ritual since the early 60s, the Ute sends in a letter offering and the PCC sends back a 'thanks but no thanks letter." Neither government replied to requests for an interview.

Entertainment News: NBS (a fully owned subsidiary of Ares Macrotechnology) has plans to start filming a dramatic series in Denver called Shadow Chase. The series will follow various teams of runners on the run from corporate forces. The stories are based on real life events. No word yet on who the stars will be.

Local News: After several unsubstantiated rumours of "bug spirits", Lone Star officers have begun 'bug training' seminars as well as increased patrols in key neighborhoods. While Lone Star officials do not claim any veracity in the rumours, one official stated on conditions of anonymity, "It never hurts to be careful."

January 2

World News: The Alliance Metahumaine in Quebec are attempting to block PensoDyne's expansion into the city, citing that the corporation is actually attempting to destroy metahumanity rather than help it. A representative for the corporation called the attempt "the insane ramblings of a fringe element."

Entertainment News: The Warrens Watch, a local trideo program that highlights the plight of the homeless and displaced in the Aurora Warrens, was taken off the air this morning under charges of Attempting to Incite A Riot. One of the show's hosts, Fran Horowitz, gave a twelve minute speech that ended in a demand for viewers to take to the streets in open protest of the way the Warrens are segregated from the rest of the city. Knight Errant had no comment on the arrest at this time.

Local News: The Council of Denver is expected to begin meetings starting Wednesday. Councilman Falloon has not made a public appearance in almost a week, causing some to worry that he is having health problems. His office has not returned our calls.

January 3

World News: The Pueblo Corporate Council has sent a clean up crew to oversee the clean up of a toxic spill just outside of the Divide Colorado region. A truck carrying non-disclosed materials has over turned on the Raspberry Mountain at roughly 11:00am yesterday morning. The spill contaminated three local reservoirs, killing local farm land soy crops as well as several species of the local fish and other wildlife. So far the PCC has not released any word about metahuman causalities.

Entertainment News: The Latch-Key Kids' debut album, Tastes Like Love, is the hot new album of the week, climbing the charts with a bullet. The band, described as " a cheerleader riot packaged in a grindingly repetitive beat" seems hot with the club scene. Lead singer Trish "the Dish" Scallenger is making some waves as well, as the rich girl turned rockergirl is moving past riding off her daddy's coat tails and into the limelight. She's on the lips of the gossip rags and seen with several hot stars .. both male and female.

Local News: Is magic going crazy? Incidents like the Wells Fargo Dark Cloud, the recent happenings in the Sierras, exploding mountains, the Ring of Fire, and so forth have citizens wondering if the so-called Awakening isn't over. Noted conspiracy theorist and magician Moonsong Brightbeak claims that, much like a person just waking up, the world is going through a lot of stages. There is tossing and turning and hitting the snooze before you get up, he claims, and we likely haven't seen the end of all these upheavals. Thaumaturgists from noted institutes say that Brightbeaks claims are 'delusional and don't even make any sense.'

NOTE!: The Pueblo news story is/was a plot from Bigman

January 4

World News: Pueblo Corporate Council: Divide CO. An overturned truck spilled its contents earlier Wednesday morning. The toxic materials contaminated the local water reserviors. The Pueblo Corporate Council has yet to release any further information regarding metahuman causalities. While the PCC has said the majority of the cleanup went smoothly the clean up crew has been evacuated, leaving still leaving some of the toxic spill still seeping into the water. The PCC has yet to tell why evacuation was necessary, only saying the life of the crews are more important at this time. Soy Crops are still taking the toll as more farms crops have been dying.

Financial News: Denver suffered a three percent overall loss in gross income from tourism and other industries in 2072 due to conflict within the city as well as magical mishaps. There are several petitions up before the Council of Denver to take stronger action against gangs and other violent offenders in the city to help increase the health and welfare of the people, as well as the profits.

Local News: A grisly find was left for Knight Errant this morning when a metahuman head was delivered to their precinct house. The head belongs to Tiphani 'Bunny' Martinson, a shadowrunner and mage who has done work across the southwest and Denver in particular. Unique for most mages, Bunny was bio-modified with bunny ears and a furry tail. A note along with the head said, "We have not forgotten. Death to All Freaks." Knight Errant has not made any comment regarding this incident.

NOTE!: The World news story is/was a plot from Bigman

January 5

World News: Earlier this week a truck overturned, near Divide CO, PCC, spilling it's toxic contents. While initial cleanup crews got most of the toxic materials cleaned up, they were reluctant to finish the job and had to be evacuated. The Pueblo Corporate council has now release a statement that the toxic contamination has infected some of the local wildlife. The Pueblo Corporate Council has sent a team to make sure that these animal have been terminated.

Sports News: The NFL is being pressured by the Player's Union to remove the ban on fully cybered limbs. Player Representative Daniel Ortega remarked, "It's 2073, not the 40s. Time to move the game up to a new level, new tech, and new excitement."

Local News: Mary Cat Dancing, Councilwoman of the Sioux Nation, is reported to be in poor health at this time. Her office refused to verify rumors that Cat Dancing was flown to Cheyenne to undergo treatment after collapsing. Stay tuned on this breaking development.

NOTE!: The World news story is/was a plot from Bigman!

January 6

World News: The Pueblo Corporate Council has opened a bounty for the incident that took place earlier this week, when a truck containing a toxic subsidence overturned. The Pueblo Corporate Council has released a statement that the toxic animals opens an opportunity for their citizens to help their government and earn a profit at the same time. Registration for the hunt takes place on January 10th, 2073. The hunt will be open for all PCC and NAN citizens.

Sports News: NFL Commissioner Eli Wallace remarked today that they refused to be bullied by the Player's Union. "This is a wholesome family game and having people trying to kill each other with heavily modified limbs is not in the spirit of the game we are trying to put on."

Local News: Due to a number of outbreaks of illegal air traffic, there is a proposition being sent to the Council to revise all air traffic permits. In effect, they would clear all existing permits and allowances and require all pilots and airlines to resubmit paperwork and gain new transponder codes. This, according to Denver Air Warden Will Fetterly, would reduce illegal air traffic by 27%.

NOTE!: The World news is/was a plot from Bigman

January 7

World News: Birds have caused no less than three aborted take-offs and at least one crash in Seattle. Some scientists claim mass migrations are the key to the sudden appearance of thousands of very aggressive birds in the Emerald City; thaumaturgy experts claim that there is magic afoot.

World News: London is set to begin a two year project to remove the remnants of the biodome over the inner part of the city. With more modern technology at their disposal, there is the belief that the constant pollution can be more safely dispersed. As the biodomes have been the targets of eco-terrorists as well as regular terrorists over the years, there is no point in leaving the remains up.

Local News: Expect some fluxuations in the local Matrix systems as "upgrades" are being done. These upgrades should increase speed in the local archetecture by 23 percent as well as a redesign and remodeling of several key customer traffic areas.

January 8

Entertainment News: The band School's Out will perform at the World Arena this Friday. The band, best known for their hit Pencils Down has been in the news recently after their bass player Miles Milbourne got into an altercation in Seattle with members of GirlsTown.

World News: Banco Espanol in Madrid was robbed yesterday in a daring heist. Details are sketchy at this time; however, what seems to have been taken was mostly from safety deposit boxes. There are rumors that the items have been shipped to the UCAS or further.

Local News: Is Mary Cat Dancing on the way out? Sources in the Sioux Nation say that a number of likely contenders are gearing up to replace the venerable Councilwoman. Leading contender is Xander Crow Call, and while relatively young he is very charismatic. His military record is spotless as well, having served as a Captain in the Wildcats.

January 9

Local News: Aztlan has filed formal grievances against the United Canadian and American States over the handling of the Dark Cloud incident in the United Nations. The primary charge is that the UCAS has knowingly and willingly endangered other nations with their handling of the incident. This incident took place about two years ago and caused severe damage to the cities infrastructure as well as loss of life.

Local News: Hector Ramirez, the Councilman for the Aztlan Sector, once again voiced his disapproval over the methods and stalling tactics espoused by many others on the Council, especially Jeremy Falloon. "Councilman Falloon is used to a certain level of intrigue in his home country while we of Denver simply wish to get things done, put matters to rest. It doesn't always have to be some "political game"". See the rest of the interview on Channel DEN589.

Local News: Nine arrests in the Ute Sector for 'Anglo Smuggling' sees six hospitalized as SCSS and MSD agents were forced to open fire to defend themselves from the coyotes. The group managed to detain this group of what are being called 'Anglo Terrorists' in light of the amount of guns and explosives that were found.

January 10

Local News: Docwagon is rumoured to be leaving Denver! The venerable medical company's contract is up as of April 1 and it is reported that there is a heavy push for CrashCart and a few other services that charge the city less in overhead and fees. Neither the Council nor DocWagon have made public statements as of yet, and it is said that the negotiations are "fierce".

Magical News: Is teleportation possible? Researchers at MIT&T believe so, and are in the midst of hush-hush studies in cooperation with Ares Macrotechnology. While Ares is not known for the magical talents, a representative speaking on terms of anonimity remarked "Teleportation is a game change in espionage and warfare, and Ares will be there when this happens."

Local News: There is a motion before the Council to clean up Monument. The area, located between the Denver core and Colorado Springs, has languished in recent years and fallen into disrepair. Now concerned citizens are interested in removing gang influence and possibly returning the area to its status as a resort-like community, with plans to retake and tame Palmer Lake.

January 11

Local News: Knight Errant's new Anti-Borg Unit, codename: Black Knights, should be arriving in Denver next week. The unit is equipped with state of the art equipment specifically designed to incapacitate or even kill heavily armed and armoured opponents. Both the Sioux Nation and Aztlan have filed formal protests, citing that the unit is a military company and not a security team and violates the Treaty.

Magical News: Is Snowdownian orichalcum better than that created by magicians? Does it carry more of a magical "charge"? A number of magical research facilities worldwide would like to put that to the test; the problem? Tir na Nog is unwilling to allow said researches into their mines and one cannot be sure that what they are getting on the open market is actually from the elven nation.

Entertainment News: Moscow's World of Pain is scheduled to pass through Denver at the end of the month. The Trash Punk band has drawn attention recently for firing gel rounds into the audience during their encore song, "Na kaleni, suka" has parent groups and anti-gun activists outraged.

January 12

Local News: Matrix Systems in the Ute Sector may be suspended for lack of payment. Details are sketchy at this point, but there are reports the sector is far behind on a number of payments, the most dangerously behind being for matrix services. There is also rumour from inside the sector that they may refuse water rights to the city if they are not credited on their accounts.

World News: Ecoterrorists aligned with Amazonia have attacked Aztlan holdings near Coatzacoalcos. 57 were injured and 19 dead in an attack on a petrochemical plant and transport planes at the Minatitlan National Airport.

Security News: After years of protests and contention, Lamanite Security Services are ready to rerelease their Dual Quad Core system. This system is reported to be 97% more effective than standard MADS and Cyber Scanning Systems, able to give detailed reports in seconds. While several groups, most notably the Cybered Association of the UCAS, have protested, the device is set to be installed along the PCC and Sioux borders along with DIA by Spring.

World News: Early last week, a truck near Divide CO, PCC was overturned spilling it's toxic contents. While PCC officials initially did not see the clean up a problem the situation quickly turned for the worse, as wildlife in the area starting being corrupted. They with drew all clean up crews, and announced a hunt open to all NAN citizens, of any tribe. Registration will end today, and the hunt will continue until Friday of next week.

NOTES!: The Divide story is/was a plot from Bigman

January 13

Local News: Councilman William Huhuseca may be in danger of losing his position, already precarious in recent years. Despite his parentage, there is a movement in the Ute Nation to remove him as their representative based on his metahumanity tainting his Indian heritage.

World News: Ghosts seem to be plaguing Warsaw, taking citizens off the street and may be responsible for more than 10 deaths. Magicians from several neighboring countries are converging in an attempt to drive them off.

Security News: Several citizen's rights groups are protesting the DQC Security Scanning Technology, calling it an outrageous invasion of personal privacy. The Cyborg Association, in particular, is attempting an injunction to block the technology in border crossings entering and leaving the UCAS, with brother organizations in the Sioux and PCC nations attempting similar there. "No one has the right to tell me that I can't enter or leave someplace because I have 'too much' cyberware. That is rediculous. It is an outrage, and it is *wrong*," cited David 'Metalhead' Alexander, a well known cyborg and cybernetic person activist. None of the governments mentioned nor Lamanite Secuity Systems had any comment.

January 14

Local News: Three unexplained maulings have occured in the Colorado Springs area by a large cat of some kind, says Lone Star. Residents are advised to be on the lookout for the usual suspects at this time of year, as bears and mountain lions have been known to come down out of the mountains in search of food.

Financial News: NERPS posted a higher than expected report for last quarter gains, riding on the success of their new Strawberry NERPS line.

Magical News: Is magic too dangerous? Movements in the UCAS are still attempting to regulate magic to a greater extent. Should magicians be regulated greater than firearms and drugs? Are the magically active Weapons of Mass Destruction? Should all children with magical aptitude automatically be taken by corporate and governmental interests?

January 15

Local News: Three bodies were found frozen solid near the summit of Pike's Peak early this morning. According to some reports, the bodies were that of a local climbing club.

Security News: The Defense Expo, a three day security and technology trade fair, has geared up at the Phil Long Expo Center. Exhibitors from computer, weapons, defensive and security companies have flooded the Denver area to show off their latest wares. Highlights of the show include a look into the future of hand-held weapons, new intrusion countermeasures, a defensive system designed to disable ruthenium and more!

World News: Arson is suspected in a fire that wiped out a good deal of the magical collection at Charles University at Prague. Anti-Awakening propaganda had been making the rounds for weeks, along with minor skirmishes amongst students.

January 16

Local News: Despite the poor weather and standing snow, there are several rallies being held today as pro- and anti-magic groups strive to be heard. The rest of the week will see rallies across the UCAS Sector, with only a few bleeding into the CAS Sector.

Entertainment News: Amalgamated Studios is looking into making a feature length sim about the Black Hole/Dark Cloud event. The working title at the moment is Journey into Darkness and Eli Gomez is on tap to play the lead. Gomez was last seen in the thriller Knifepoint. Amalgamated is reported to be looking to spend 120 million just on special effects.

World News: Barcelona was the site where it happened! Worldwide shadowrunner and terrorist Sly Fox was apprehended by the Policia Nacional and Aztechnology forces during a break in attempt at one of AZT's facilities. 17 other corporations have requested to try Sly Fox as well.

January 17

Financial News: S&S Agricorp, a fully owned subsidiary of Novatech, is reportedly being wooed away from the megacorp by Shiawase. High level meetings and some degree of corporate backdoor dealings have been recorded, with clandestine meetings and a great deal of security. Shiawase has yet to answer calls on this, and Novatech has commented, "That is preposterous. S&S is a valued member of our extended family and isn't going anywhere."

Entertainment News: Alek Jankowitz of Shadowrunners! documentary fame has been found dead this morning. Despite high ratings for the series, Jankowitz sold off his interest in the show last month and had taken to a more private life, stating that 'I have seen things that you cannot believe, things that make it hard to sleep at night. I don't want to be involved in this anymore.' Details on his death have not been released, but sources claim that there may have been foul play involved.

World News: The city of Trenton, New Jersey, UCAS, has been flooded with cats. Hundreds of thousands of cats have converged on the area of all sizes and breeds. Ground travel throughout the city has come to a halt and diseases have skyrocketed. Exactly why these cats are there is still a mystery.

January 18

Entertainment News: Concrete Dreams reunion tour is off to a rocky start. Slated to begin in late 2071, the tour has been pushed back repeatedly and finally launched in late December of 2072. Moira Thornton was arrested last night in Philadelphia after a violent (and some say drug induced) rage caused her to attack guitarist Warren Cartwright and six female fans.

Entertainment News: A rash of BTL related deaths have provoked Lone Star to examine Club Platinum in Seattle. The popular club is reputed to be a haven for 'beetle heads', and now Lone Star believes there is a new, more potent form of the dangerous drug on the streets, one that interfaces with Matrix overlays. Parents are advised to look for insomnia, irritability, and dementia in their children.

Sports News: The World Hoverball League's Black Tide Cup is up for grabs! Competition has been fierce and six members of the British team were hospitalized after Elias Fuchs collided his jet ski into a cluster of players. Fuchs is in good condition and will be available for game time.

January 19

Local News: Jeremy Falloon's office addressed rumours of his retirement as follows, "Councilman Falloon has given many years of great service to this city and his country. If and when he decides to retire, it won't be with whispered rumors and behind the scenes. His country will reward him like the hero he is."

Entertainment News: Embedded reporter and Edward R. Murrow winner Claire Kastle has been killed. Kastle was part of Operation: Ragged Edge, an operation going on in the Yucatan and was embedded with Captain Raddick's Light Horse unit. Kastle was taken when the unit was under heavy fire and her body was found some time later.

World News: Britain is under heavy pressure to make the nuyen their primary currency. As our readers know, GB's currency is the pound sterling, and in hard currency form instead of electronic. Tourists have complained about exchange rates as well as being ridiculed for using credsticks rather than the bills. Alan Sporntine of the World Traveler's Tourist Organization remarked, "Really, this is barbaric. It's 2073, what are they doing living like savages?"

January 20

Local News: The Three Spur Slasher, as the media is calling this person, may have struck again. Lone Star has been very quiet thus far, but our reporters have unearthed evidence that no less than three women have been killed by what we are now calling a serial killer. All the victims have three slashes from cyberspurs on their body, their throats torn out. Lone Star refused to meet with our reporters and told us "Get that fraggin camera out of my face!"

Entertainment News: Next weekend's More Music Festival in Boulder hopes to draw in thousands of guests and revive the local music scene. Local bands like Fishhook, Buster Hymen and the Penetrators, and Future Cyborgs are favorites for this event, with dozens of out of town groups arriving daily. Get your tickets now here!

World News: Opposition to the New European Economic Community, albeit small, continues to grow as nationalistic movements grow across the region, particularly in France. Riots have even erupted in some areas, no doubt brought on by elements from both sides riling up the crowds.

January 21

Local News: Are gun laws too permissive between sectors? Some activist groups, including Sisters Against Sidearms, claim that some of the sectors lax gun restrictions are a hindrance to local law enforcement corporations and promote the smuggling of such firearms from the more permissive sectors to those with stricter gun control laws. This issue is set to come up before the Council next week.

Entertainment News: Tir Tairngire performance artists Windspire will be in Denver on January 26th to show off his Awakened tree sculptures. Windspire's creations exude certain emotional states when exposed to specific lights and music, creating an interactive enviroment.

World News: Fires causes serious problems in Fairbanks, Athabaskan Council yesterday after ecoterrorists attempted to blow up part of the Trans-Athabaska Pipeline. 16 workers were killed and another 10 are hospitalized at this time. No specific group has claimed the act.

January 22

Local News: CrashCart Medical Service Facilities has formally entered a bid in to be Denver's primary EMT service. As we reported previously, DocWagon has been in talks with the city that have fallen through. Now, CrashCart is capitalizing on their failure to seal the deal and is making what our sources call "a serious offer" to be the primary care here in the Mile High City. DocWagon is reported to be furious.

Financial News: Stocks tumbled for Cross today after their Fleche Armaments second quarter designs and engineering documents were publicized on some three hundred Matrix sites yesterday. Cross vowed to find the culprits responsible and make them pay.

Space News: Kuroi Tsuki, Mitsuhama's Lunar colony and mining facility, is reporting that they will open for tourism in late July. Despite mishaps and sabotage, the colony has prospered in recent months and is now operating at ninety-five percent efficency. A full spa is among the many treats awaiting visitors.

January 23

Local News: The CAS/Warrens borders, with their increase in manpower, reports that traffic is down through the checkpoints. Lone Star Officer Jayden Venture remarked, "It's time that the troublemakers learn that they are not allowed in the CAS Sector. Our citizens deserve better." Lone Star began increased vigilance at the checkpoints after an uptick in violence over preceeding months.

Entertainment News: Now a year after the death of Krystal Kaverns, PSE is no closer to finding her murderer. The actress and ex-porn simstar was remembered in a touching ceremony yesterday, and fans of both her body of work and of her show The Glitterati gathered to pay tribute to this young life, cut short.

Fashion News: Sapphire Blue is the new colour this fall, and we don't mean clothes. Avante has released their Autumn Catalog, with skin inlays and bindi as the hot new 'must have' accessory. Also, Avante's limited edition line of handbags from such exotics as cockatrice, gorgon, and the awakened zebra are sure to sell out this year.

January 24

Local News: Ares Aerospace is denying rumours that they are working on a secret project for colonization of Io, the moon of Jupiter. Jan Marshall of Ares Aerospace claims, "We are still trying to get Alala working first. After that, well, that is the future and while we'd love to put another colony out there, we'd like to see Mars colonized first." the Alala Space Platform above Mars has been operational for a bit over a year now and seems to be operating well.

Entertainment News: Lady Triumph is expected to perform 100 dates to promote her new album, The State of Undress. The nearly nude performer's neo-Jazz sounds and striking visuals will be in Denver on February 8th, so get tickets now!

Entertainment News: Protesters for Lady Triumph's performance in Denver on February 8th have filed petitions with the Council. They are acting on rumours that Lady Triumph is performing simulated sex acts with a sasquatch during the show as part of the song Wildlife, Wildlove. The Society for Ethics and MetaSTOP! have banded together in this protest, citing everything from beastiality laws on the books from the 20th centuray all the way to metaspecies cruelty. When contacted, Lady Triumph said with a laugh, "Oh my, how very quaint. I wish them luck, and if they think the sasquatch is something to get worked up about, they haven't seen or heard about everything that will be at the show!"

January 25

Local News: A follow-up on the so-called 'black helicopters' over the CAS sector several nights ago. Lone Star has confirmed that it was upper level atmospheric conditions along with some photodrones that routinely patrol the sector that caused the sightings, and stress there is nothing to worry about.

World News: Cleveland officials have managed to regain order after weeks of riots and protests over food shortages and lack of social and city services. Knight Errant's 3rd Riot Control Batallion is still on sight, helping Hard Corps to maintain order. Some in the UCAS wonder if this is the precursor to Knight Errant or Ares Macrotechnology turning Cleveland into another Detroit.

Financial News: Bad news for Mesametric who saw their stock plummet twenty percent after a series of mechanical failures on their new excavation drone 'The Mole' cost the life of six workers. Mesametric has been plagued with problems for the last quarter, and there are talks of replacing several key figures.

January 26

World News: Authorities in Frankfurt (Allied German States) arrested several individuals who were, as reports go, attempting to re-establish an unauthorized physical hub for an underground Matrix location. Chief among those was a man known as Auskunft, aka Werner Abelhauser, a shadowrun wanted throughout Europe for various crimes.

World News: UCAS Senator Jefferson Miles (Rhode Island) has been accused of a scandal involving underage girls in Rangoon, sparking outrage on Capital Hill. The Senator's aides refused to comment, and the Senator himself is currently secluded in his Newport home.

Entertainment News: Ghost Story, the tale of a free spirit in love with an AI, continues to dominate sim sales, taking in an astounding 175 million since its release ten days ago. A sequel is already in the works, with Klive Anvers and Sera Matthews signed on for the project.

January 27

Local News: The UCAS Sector has plans to add additional checkpoints outside of DIA after a security analysis suggested that excessive problematic traffic has been attempting entry via that method. No word yet exactly what the security measures will be; a special committee is drafting a plan and should have it in by next Tuesday.

World News: Dangerous waters and "Awakened" sharks are causing problems in the Gulf of Aztlan. At least three ships have been lost coming into the Gulf and none can be attributed to ships or airplanes; however, survivors from all vessels have said that they saw 'man sharks' that attacked and then dove into the water, becoming full sharks. The CAS Navy is investigating but does not believe this to be the work of monsters.

Entertainment News: CrossPoint, a new trideo series about the life of snipers in law enforcement and the military, will be traveling with Knigh Errant for tonight's show. The series busts the myths around snipers as well as showing how these specialists work with their teams to take down the bad guy! Tonight at 9 MST on NBS.

January 28

Local News: Six were killed last night in the CAS sector as they attempted to use powered equipment to create mine shafts under that sector, branching off from the city's sewer system. They died due to having no supports for the shafts they were constructing.

World News: Food riots erupted again in Cleveland's Shaker Heights. Hard Corps Security arrived on the scene and put down the riots with extreme prejudice, resulting in 143 minor and major injuries reported.

Local News: Damages from last nights car fire on East Platte should be cleared up by this afternoon. As we reported last night, two cars collided and burst into flames, causing significant damage to the roadway. Lone Star has reported that early tests show that one of the vehicles was carrying a 'considerable amount' of both thermite and white phosphorous.

January 29

Local News: Bleak reports for CATCo's new Crucifix cyber terminal as an unrepairable glitch has lost at least three years worth of development data and back-ups. It looks like it will be sometime in late 2074 before the device can be ready for markets.

World News: A magnitude 5.3 earthquake was reported in Baja California some thirty mimutes ago. Early reports claim that the damage was minimal and the area affected was outside of any highly populated area.

Local News: With rumours of a change in leadership, and indeed members, for the Council of Denver, the political junkies and hangers-on are in a tizzy trying to find the Next Big Thing. Already there are dozens of candidates being lauded in their various countries, with only the Pueblo Corporate Council claiming that Jonathan Pope would remain at his position. The other countries have been mum.

January 30

Entertainment News: James Bond: Into the Smoke will not be a contender for the Academy Awards after all. Despite fan support and a strong box office showing, the newest in the francise was found "wooden" by critics, and new Bond actor Sterling Chase was considered "not only a detriment to the series, but to anyone with an English accent or, indeed, a Y Chromosome."

World News: There is some evidence that yesterday's earthquake was caused by an underground explosion. Details are sketchy at the moment, but a conflict between the JPS and terrorist elements is thought to be behind this.

Local News: Prospective UCAS Council appointee Adam Attchison was tragically killed in a freak accident near Columbus, Ohio. The plane Mr. Attchison was on was downed due to weather, crashing and then exploding just outside the city. All on board were killed. According to the FAA, the plane went radio silent for six minutes before the crash, and radar lost them for three minutes before the crash.

January 31

Local News: The Aztlan Sector is considering adding shamanic elements full time to their Border Points, as well as lowering the amount and grade of magical ware they will allow into the sector, citing problems from refugees from the UCAS and Ute regions bringing in contraband.

World News: Ground turmoil and aftershocks are still rocking most of California, and many agencies are claiming that a larger quake may rock the region within the next few days. Oddly enough, many of the shockwaves are coming in from the Mojave rather than from the quake region. Additionally, magical travel in the region is severely crippled due to fluxuating mana ripples.

Local News: Trouble at the Pueblo Border. Enhanced border checks have seen more than a few turned away as the PCC and Pueblo Sector take a closer look at papers. One representative claims that no less than one hundred attempts have been made to cross the border with illegal documentation. Additionally, the sector has apprehended a number of smugglers attempting to transport weapons and persons.

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