The Simmons Corporation LLC
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"When subtlety is your only option."®


The Simmons Corporation, LLC is a full-spectrum operations consulting firm proudly serving the Denver area since [REDACTED]. With satellite offices in [REDACTED], [REDACTED], [REDACTED], and [REDACTED], The Simmons Corporation, LLC has a reputation for providing integrated operations solutions for such challenges as [REDACTED] and [REDACTED] with an eye toward both the budget-minded entrepreneur and the global megacorporation. In these chaotic times, predictability is in short supply. A successful businessperson knows when to exploit their core competencies in order to best leverage new opportunities. The Simmons Corporation, LLC can help you reach your full potential, whether through [REDACTED] or just providing fresh ideas. We at The Simmons Corporation, LLC believe in fostering a culture of Perfect Customer Service, and we assure you that your needs will be met with the respect and attention that you deserve. Call us today at 303.RTG-340-5696 to learn what The Simmons Corporation, LLC can do for you.

>>>>> [I've used these guys. Reliable and efficient. Word is they pulled some serious scores.] <<<<<
-Victor Blaq0ut (11:45:07/01-07-71)



Initialize Music

Mannerisms and Habits

Be polite. Be professional. Have a plan in place to kill or disable everyone you meet.


Knox - Active Fixer, Planner, Lawyer, Black Marketeer.
Laz - Active Physad, Bodyguard
Delphine - Recently returned.
[[|Hollywood] - Semi-active Face, Redhead.

MIA/KIA/Former Members:
Flint - Retired, alive and well.
Norman - Back in England, semi-retired.
Huginn - MIA (Confirmed Dead)
Levon - MIA (Assumed Dead)


Subtlety is key:
Blackmail, Con Jobs, Data Retrieval, Extractions, Investigation and Stings, Wetwork, Interrogation specialists, Law Consulting, Gear Appraisal, Extortion


Currently registered as an LLC in the Denver Metroplex, though further investigation would prove difficult at this point. Simmons Corporation is in fact owned through several holding companies, which in turn are divested through several Swiss and Caribbean League savings and stock portfolios.

Rumored Contracts/Past Jobs

Word on the street is that the crew were involved in the high level political scandal and subsequent suicide of a CAS Senatariol Lobbyist James Menthe. During the winter of 2070 Menthe was running for CAS Denver city council under a secessionist and separate but equal platform, despite this he had gained much traction during the campaign. However following a televised press conference trideo of Menthe "involved" with an ork prostitute surfaced. The immediate backlash and protests from both O.R.C. activists, media sharks, and his own party caused Menthe to end his life prematurely.

Word on the street is that individuals from Simmons were involved in securing a temporary peace pact between the Horsemen and Demo Boyz resulting in the hijacking of several oil tanker trucks during the 2071 Winter Blackout, netting them enough hard cred to vacation in warmer climates.

Word on the street is that "Mr. Charles", Levon, & Delphine have gone underground following some sort of corporate hit job gone wrong. Depending on which conflicting rumor you hear, "Mr. Charles" (Norman's PC) is dead in a gutter or has returned to London. The mysterious Delphine is buried somewhere in the salt flats of NAN, and the decker known as »HeShallBe« is now a Ghost In The Machine.

Simmons Truck Hijacking
Mob Wars Final Chapter
Mob Wars 4
Mob Wars 3
Mob Wars 2
Mob Wars
[|Hiller Does Legwork on the Shadowy Company]]
Simmons Turns The Tables
Imperial Bedroom PT.1
Imperial Bedroom PT.2
Imperial Bedroom Conclusion
Shootout, CAS District


Alleged Gun Battle Involving Simmons Operatives: 6th Avenue and Havana, December 2nd 2070


Core Consultants Group (from left to right): Mr. [REDACTED], Mr. [REDACTED],

Security camera shot of a possible Simmons Consultant assaulting
a security guard at a reputable branch of %^&$%%^^** , Denver Office
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