This page is for the C.H.A.R.T PC Org.

CHART stands for Consulting Heuristic Action Response Team, an independent Consultancy Firm that will Think Tank solutions for its clients. Our problems will run the gamut, ranging from Penetration Testing and Security Design of facilities to problem solving in critical situations like rescuing people in emergencies that normal response teams are unprepared for. The idea of this firm is to solve problems that may not always be easy, but by using the varied skill sets of its members, it would be able to achieve great things.

Currently, the plan is to build a new facility at the Sewage Recycling Plant.

Current plotlines and ideas for new include:

FAB growing underwater
Possible recycling of water tanks for aquaponics (plant and aqua life)
Possible Critter infestations
Possible smuggling or other crime spot
Legal battles, such as filing as org and getting land rights

Rough layout

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