Name Vulcan
AKA Mecha-Golanv
Nationality USA
Metatype Wanna-be Novelist
Archetype Storyteller
Birthdate Sometime before 1980.
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"You're in a 10 by 10 stone corridor. There is a door. Through the door, there is a chest. On the chest, there is an Ork. The Ork is eating pie. The pie is Strawberry-Ruhbarb. Roll initiative."

About Me

Hi. I'm Vulcan. I run plots. I tell stories. I break your toys. The reason I break your toys is simple; Its the only way to challenge you without killing you. Killing you ends the story, whereas breaking your shit? It's an opening to so many more stories.

I don't run plots to get the next 40,000 Nuyen and 4 karma. I run plots to tell stories, I run plots to develop characters and I run plots to challenge the players. If you don't want challenge, you can run player plots where someone pays you 50k to go push a little girl down the stairs, and if you're a white hatter, you can make her a little girl who's father works for Bugspirits and sells smack to Nazis.

But if you want an interesting, dynamic thematic world where actions have repercussions both good and bad… well…

Look me up.

House Rules I Use

Dynamic World

Things change. Your actions may change them. Understand I don't TEND to run one-off plots. I tend to run plots that are part of storyarcs. Some arcs go well, some go bad, but all of them are decided by your actions. Please see 'consent' and 'repercussions' to understand.

Fashion Spell.

No. You cannot turn your Milspec, Corpsec or other heavy and obvious armor in to a fucking negligee. Yeah, I don't fucking care how many successes you got or how powerful an initiate you are. You can change its color, it's cut and most things a physical tailor could do. The spell does not let you turn a helmet in to a cowboyhat. It just doesn't. You can make your full body milspec look like plate mail, sure. BUT ITS STILL A HEAVY FUCKING SUIT OF ARMOR.

AV Ammo

You better have a rifle or a shotgun. Pistol rounds simply do not have the kinetic energy or mass, no matter what the bullet is made of, to be effective against vehicular grade armor. Pistol AV does not exist. Pistol AV ammo in the possession of players will be treated as APDS. Also, AV does not act as APDS. It's designed for entirely different uses.

Vehicles and Armor

Vehicles with Armor roll Body + Armor against attacks, not just body. Note I say vehicles, not drones. Drones are fragile. Vehicles are 'car and above'.

Drones, Bikes and Armor

Motorcycles and Drones, that being UAV's or other small, non-passenger drones, roll body *2 against attacks.


My plots are all consent-on. This is sort of redundant, as a player has no protections of Consent from staff. Consent exists strictly between player and player. However, I make a point of being clear about it. When you're in my plots, you are consented to the ramifications of any action you take. This means players in the plot can kill you if you try to sell them out or behave irrationally or unreliably. Keep this in mind when you walk in to a Vulcan-plot. I rarely kill people. I've done it only a handful of times: But it is always an option.

One Butt.

I'm not a rules savant. I can be wrong, and I can make objectively wrong calls in the rules. In a plot I run, everyone gets one-butt. They can object to a rules call, lay out their objection and rational, and then I get to rule on it. If I agree with the spirit and context of the rule, I will generally agree. But if I don't, for whatever reason, agree with the player, that's the end of it. We move forward. Rules lawyer-ing should never bog down storytelling or detract from the enjoyment of the other players involved, even if it results in an extra +1 TN for you.


Shamans cannot really hide spellcasting. Part of being a shaman is a relationship with a spiritual being that grants you power on a personal level, rather than the scientific approach of the Hermetic. As a result, a Shaman cannot dampen their Shamanic Mask when they cast a spell, making it obvious when they cast spells. It's possible people may not notice the mask, if the spell cast is small compared to the ability of the Shaman, but it can't be dampened.

Scaled Threat

You may be a rank 10 initiate. You may be a full delta cybersam. All that means, is if you, a shadowrun with no logistical support network was able to do that, then there are members of the opposition who can pull it off as well. This goes for Dragons, immortal elves and villains. If you have 1000 karma, then Lofwyr has more than that. It's not in the scope of any story I tell that the players should walk in to a tense situation and ever feel like they are gods. That story is uninteresting.

System Vs. Story

While I would never powerpose a players actions, I reserve the right to suspend, alter or ignore book-rules in favor of Roleplay or whats good for the story at hand. Do not use these one-offs as justification for their continuance or as grounds for rules changes. This idea is not the same as Deus Ex Machina, where shit happens because I say it does, but rather a thematic aide to allow fluid and tense RP in climactic moments.


The actions you take may come back to haunt you. If you kill the security guard, he may have a son or a daughter or a pissed off father. If you make a deal with the devil, he make come to collect. The world reacts to what you do. Remember this. This can be good as often as it is bad, if you make choices that lead to good out comes. No, I won't tell you the right choice. Even I don't know it until you make it and I think about the repercussions of the choice.

Why I…

… told you no, you can't have a pony.

I told you no because I thought it was the most reasonable answer at the time, with the rules set I had available. Ponies have an availability of of 30/1year and you only have etiquette 1. No. You will not be getting a pony.


… Made you spend massive money for your clinic/facility/pleasure-palace.

It's only money, and money is easy to get if you're willing to work for it.

My only ability as staff to limit what is on the grid, is to make getting that awesome base, a hard experience. There is no support in Denver for simply taking away what you have already got because I don't like it or its out of balance with current thematic interpretations. That's both mercurial and unethical. So to keep balance on the grid, my job as staff is to ensure that you jump through enough hoops to justify the underground nuclear silo, the strip club or the abandoned mineshaft with the hidden magical temple to a fallen god to anyone who comes after me.

If you really want it, you're going to work for it anyway, and I've probably given you advice on how to get it in the first place. I'm like that. I'll knock you down, but also help you up.

… fucked your sister.

She was hot.

… said you can't use X skill for X thing.

Because I thought it was the most reasonable answer at the time, with the rules set I had available.

Love Notes

Players and Staff may leave notes here of any nature they like, from ribald to complaints. You must sign them with a link to your own page and be open to the return ;)

Vulcan broke my toys and now I'm gonna get him back! Some day, maybe not today and maybe not tomorrow. But some day…
- Yelmalio

Vulcan still has my respect, but as it states complaints are ok….I have a lot. A reformed Vulcan who's more communicative would have been appreciated. But I'd still have taken the old Vulcan. At least Denver had story arcs then.
- Knox

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