>>> [[ »»Breaking the silence here. Drek the frag, is what not THAT bad, so ka? It was last October. A night that was a hell of a night. Literal hell in Aurora. Freaks showing left and right, mutating randomly, storm, lightning, water from the sky, fires, cold, ice, smoke. In that mana fragging storm was a war. I tell you I have seen it with my own eyes! Soldiers in big armor, guns, explosions. Drek you have not seen since the late Fifties. My mom told me about that drek. Enter some drek hot vector craft or next level helo from the future, so ka! It pours this group of shooty guys who drive back a fragging HORDE of corporate fuckers pounding the ever living drek out of some other fraggers in big armors. The guy in charge of the incoming guys was this here man. They have the guys in big armors evac in the futuretech ufo. Some fuckers run away. Get this. Through the drekking lightning and all the fire and brimstone shit! He chases them. ««]]
- [#Warrens404] ([ 22:22:22/05-06-2080 ])
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