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"Watch your back, shoot straight, conserve ammo, and never, ever, cut a deal with a dragon."

- Street Proverb



What is an RPG and what does Shadowrun Third Edition the Ruleset played in Shadowrun Denver offer to you.


Denver and the World. Lessons in history and geograpy.

The history of Denver and the world around it. As well as where to be, where you do not want to be and how to get to or leave these places.




Global plot archs

Our plot staff keeps furthering stories in and around Denver with globally accessible plot archs. To allow the general populace to participate easier we have so called global emits in place. In effect cut scenes that tell the ongoing global stories. Sometimes in an in character fashion, the way a character might hear about things. At other times the players get glimpses at things happening behind the scenes.

Here are some examples:


Sat May 23 06:08:51 2020

Djotto Serri, North Border to Tir Tairnguire, Saturday May 23 2080

General Elo had hurried to the north border as soon as she heard about the new situation brewing through Hestaby, her personal detachment in tow. She was hurrying up and down the border to calm frayed soldiers nerves and keep an eye on the situation. Currently both a political and a military leader of the Djotto Serri, the Generals presence was a stabilizing influence in a situation prone to deteriorate. Contact to the more liberal elements of the Rinelle was kept close, so there are several meetings with representatives along the border. The Paladins, all too eager to get someone like Elo in their grip and still active along the borders, made the job for her protective detail certainly far from easy.

Tue Jun 23 11:13:19 2020

Tir Tairnguire, Portland, Saturday June 20 to Tuesday June 23 2080

Target Portland, creating the central supply and medical support stage in Portland, that is Captain Carpenters orders from General Elo. For once the General will not be there. She was called away to the founding council of her own nation, Brigadier General Boole is taking her place in this part of the campaign.

The beginnings are rough, the captains men have to push through lots of resistance from both enraged citizens as well as fanatics, most of whom do not care in the least for the lives of the Blue Helmets, especially as most of the soldiers are of the goblinized races. Wounds are taken on both sides and Carpenters combat group is thanks to their leaders' special knowledge in the medical area and its requirements is nominated to lead the efforts to erect and protect the Mobile Field Camp. In the middle of the chaos of a city in upheaval a quite demanding task as the Captain and his men have to realize. Necessary though, to keep casualties as low as possible.

The combat groups of Sergeant Jones, the Fist of Judgment and Sergeant Halevi's Grumoge Fighters have, as the core of the defense efforts, to reject several attempts at looting and sabotage, the base intent clearly, to let the Blue Helmets bad while delivering the stolen goods as proof of their own 'good' intentions. The two combat groups form a thoroughly defended cordon around the Hospital. And even though some of their Warriors get injured in the fighting, no breach of security occurs.

After that, the most important task happens to gain the natives confidence, making them realize that they can trust the treatment of the Blue Helmet Soldiers. Here it pays out that Captain Carpenter had given out orders to only use non-lethal means to deal with the natives and him having taken some lessons in Sperethiel. Even though his use of the language is probably horrible to hear for the natives, a Mnemonic Enhancer only lets you learn the words, but does not teach you how to use them correctly. In effect even those pretending to not understand English will have no chance but to acknowledge they understood the meaning of his words. Things calm down for a while, trust gets accumulated. The captain's troops finally can concentrate on aiding the people instead of fighting them.

Days pass before one of Halevi's men stumbles on a couple of children that seem nervous. Once again, the captains language skills are in demand and they find out that the Brat'Mal has set up several automated gunnery points to lead the Blue Helmets threating their command post into a trap. Armed with this knowledge the Fist of Judgement and the Grumoge Fighters move out with Captain Carpenter to deal with the threat. Literally in the last moment the groups can take the position of the guns from their defenders, allowing their skilled Captain to disarm the trap set for General Boole and his troops. These troops not taken out, the Brat'Mal gets caught at an undefended flank and they can finally round up the command post of that nasty group. The Blue Helmets fight for Portland is over, even if there is still a lot of turmoil from splinter groups in the general area.

Djotto Serri, Reno, Tuesday June 23 2080

The rewards? Major Hargrave Carpenter has the distinct honor to hand Sergeant First Class Jack Jones his new insignia and pin the Djotto Serri Distinguished Service Medal onto Sergeant Halevi's chest. After that, their unit gets relieved to take quarter in their new clan territory at Freshwater Lagoon. The Major now head of the Orick Clan of Orks with his Sergeants Jones and Halevi being Honored Warriors of the Clan, as the highest decorated fighters. The Djotto Serri combining the necessary with the practical, by placing some of their best fighters into a clan that also protects the southern flank of the strategically so important and in this short time quite massively grown Crescent City. A clan consisting primarily of the Majors former veteran troops.

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