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"Watch your back, shoot straight, conserve ammo, and never, ever, cut a deal with a dragon."

- Street Proverb



What is an RPG and what does Shadowrun Third Edition the Ruleset played in Shadowrun Denver offer to you.


Denver and the World. Lessons in history and geograpy.

The history of Denver and the world around it. As well as where to be, where you do not want to be and how to get to or leave these places.




Global plot archs

Our plot staff keeps furthering stories in and around Denver with globally accessible plot archs. To allow the general populace to participate easier we have so called global emits in place. In effect cut scenes that tell the ongoing global stories. Sometimes in an in character fashion, the way a character might hear about things. At other times the players get glimpses at things happening behind the scenes.

Here are some examples:


Wed May 27 15:05:22 2020

Tir Tainguire, near Crater Lake, Wednesday May 27 2080

This had not been how he had figured this mission Walker thought. Looking down on the small group of people he was supervising as they laboriously wandered through the landscape. This was a very mixed group. Humans, orcs, elves and even two dwarves. Ironically it had been the elves hampering him most, despite all of the nature loving stigma the race had. He thought back to how he had come upon this unexpected responsibility…

He had called in with Evann Hall, asking him if he had some contacts into the Tir that could possibly get him into contact with Prince Rex, who quite media presentably fighting to keep at least some semblance of civility. And that with him being a Sasquatch. To his surprise the fixer had nodded and said, "They've been reaching out to anyone willing to help them. You want to join in with that mess?" Walker had given a positive reply and found himself ushered quickly into the Tir. Barely there the Sasquatches 'voice' had met with him, asking him to head out to Crater Lake where some 'important issues' would require attention. In this case it meant saving a couple of people from a mad Brat'mal fanatics. A mixed metatype group, which was what had caused their troubles with the Brat'mal.

Arriving at the scene Walker was faced with a lynching mob, whose leader had needed a little 'deviating' to allow the runner to get to his quarry in time. The elven couple housing the others, Angela and Robert Mitchell, were not too happy to leave their home alone and had insisted on taking a couple of 'family heirlooms' with them. One of those was a quite heavy piece. A kind of pole or something like that. Walker didn't really understand the value of those items. But they /did/ have an odd kind of aura. Not the kind he was used to receive from foci, but he would bet there was some magic active in those items. Luckily, aside from the pole, all other items were quite small and fit in the couple's backpacks.

Walker looked again at his little group and moved ahead. For once they were actually doing decent a speed. His attention was more focused to the back, where the Brat'mal had by now realized that they had been played for a fool by some magics. Walker sighed and pushed his refugees to move faster. They had to reach this save house. Soon.

Rumors of the flight of this small group, reach Denver. If only simply for the fact that the Brat'mal had been duped quite nicely into missing these people. Also, someone was looking for support for a group of people hiding out somewhere in the Tir wilderness.

Fri Apr 17 03:57:00 2020

The Warrens, Apr 16 2020

There is good and bad news in the Warrens.

The good news is, that the current hassling of the crime lords by the Star does not bother the populace in the Warrens. Not directly at least. The people there are getting a bit less food than normal, but they are used to harsh rationing in there, the Warrens Blockade dealt them a much harder punch.

The bad news. New quarrels break out over something that had been taken for granted for a long time in there. Guns and ammo. The smuggling routes, thrice depleted by the Star hitting on the organized crime, the conflict in Ute, cutting off or at least hamperingseveral smuggling routes through the country, as well as the heightened cost for smuggling due to the serious impact those passing through foreign orks and troll had on the trade, has made smuggling supplies into the Warrens, especially of 'luxury goods' as weapons a much rarer occurence.

By the looks of it, old established gangs are getting challenged by newer upstart gangs as the former leading gangs. The reason is simple. Firearms had been mostly in the hands of the bigger gangs, loosing them now, or rendering them unusable through the lack of ammo makes those 'peacekeepers' less of a threat to the younger, more hungry dogs.

Also, moving around the Warrens with firearms out in the open has become a major disadvantage. As has showing high quality weaponry. Ambushes have made short work of some runners thinking they were the Lords of the Warrens, proving them wrong and making their weapons property of new owners. Better stay sharp if you wander in the Warrens, or hope you have unexpected friends…

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