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"Watch your back, shoot straight, conserve ammo, and never, ever, cut a deal with a dragon."

- Street Proverb



What is an RPG and what does Shadowrun Third Edition the Ruleset played in Shadowrun Denver offer to you.


Denver and the World. Lessons in history and geograpy.

The history of Denver and the world around it. As well as where to be, where you do not want to be and how to get to or leave these places.




Global plot archs

Our plot staff keeps furthering stories in and around Denver with globally accessible plot archs. To allow the general populace to participate easier we have so called global emits in place. In effect cut scenes that tell the ongoing global stories. Sometimes in an in character fashion, the way a character might hear about things. At other times the players get glimpses at things happening behind the scenes.

Here are some examples:


Sat Oct 3 14:47:21 2020

Denver, Council Announcement, Saturday October 3 2080

The Denver Council announces a new decree taking effect immediately allowing all citizens of the Domain of Denver to use the newly created fast passage lanes of the internal borderstation between the remaining Denver Sectors. No borderchecks will happen for them other than automated SIN checks. First test runs have proven that this drastically reduces border waiting time for Denver Citizens. This is part of the newly incited program for reducing traffic impendiments within the Domain, instantiated by the Lord Dragon Ghostwalker.

Sun May 17 07:01:28 2020

Frontline between Djotto Serri and PCC, Las Vegas, Sunday May 17 2080

Las Vegas had always had been a special place inside the Ute Nation, then the war had come and some parts of the city had been made into a warfield. There had been relatively few damage due to the fact that the Casinos had made sure that their own areas had been protected. Not wanting to fight both the oposition and the Casinos security, both sides had left those protected areas alone. And then the stalemate had happened that caused business in the desert city to get … less than desirably cut short. Talks had been led and then … on sunday May 17 2080 a strong force of multi-corporate troops, under Corporate Court directives had landed at Las Vegas International Airport. A strong radio signal had declared Las Vegas as a Corporate Court Protectorate to save trade and prosperity within the area of both Djotto Serri and PCC. With the strong troup alotment Las Vegas had become a free city under corporate court protection.

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