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"Watch your back, shoot straight, conserve ammo, and never, ever, cut a deal with a dragon."

- Street Proverb



What is an RPG and what does Shadowrun Third Edition the Ruleset played in Shadowrun Denver offer to you.


Denver and the World. Lessons in history and geograpy.

The history of Denver and the world around it. As well as where to be, where you do not want to be and how to get to or leave these places.




Global plot archs

Our plot staff keeps furthering stories in and around Denver with globally accessible plot archs. To allow the general populace to participate easier we have so called global emits in place. In effect cut scenes that tell the ongoing global stories. Sometimes in an in character fashion, the way a character might hear about things. At other times the players get glimpses at things happening behind the scenes.

Here are some examples:


Sun Apr 26 05:21:00 2020

Ute Nation, Southern Grand Canyon, Sunday April 26 2080

PCC Strikeforces 2 meets less resistance, but then, it never went in as dashingly daring as Dark Feathers force. Even then General Hawks explains his adjutant that he would never have dared going /this/ fast if this had been a normal conflict. He has been making sure to secure his supply routes, even sent his second, Colonel Mocha out to Seligman to hopefully be able to secure Dark Feathers supply routes once his troops closed up with PCC Force 1's rear guard. His lines were much more secure than Dark Feathers and he looks worriedly onto the map with that long tunnel required to supply his fellow general. For him this is a catastrophe ready to happen. He cannot spare any more troops to secure the other mans supply routes as all forces are currenly already busy with a slow advance along the entire Ute border to properly secure the areas gained. PCC has steady land gains, but none of that is fast enough to help the overly daring Dark Feather if something bad might happen. General Hawks is quite worried, but he cannot do anything against the situation right now. He sure can see the value of having Las Vegas under control, but … the risk.

Mon Jun 1 04:58:21 2020

Las Vegas, The Venetian, Monday Jun 1 2080

A man was making a furor as he enters the Venetian as a poor slob, rags and all, then leaves the place after several jackpots had fallen as a millionaire. The management is still baffled at how that had happened. Checks on the machines involved proved that they had been working within their parameters. And no magical tampering could be detected. And all the other casinos have since then not allowed the man entrance into their gambling areas. But with his money this man, Roger Penborne, has since moved to speculating on the stock exchange, where he has, so far, more than doubled his winnings from the Venetian. The stock exchange administration, ever vigilant about insider jobs, had not been able to detect any undue play, so the winnings had been paid out.

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