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"Watch your back, shoot straight, conserve ammo, and never, ever, cut a deal with a dragon."

- Street Proverb



What is an RPG and what does Shadowrun Third Edition the Ruleset played in Shadowrun Denver offer to you.


Denver and the World. Lessons in history and geograpy.

The history of Denver and the world around it. As well as where to be, where you do not want to be and how to get to or leave these places.




Global plot archs

Our plot staff keeps furthering stories in and around Denver with globally accessible plot archs. To allow the general populace to participate easier we have so called global emits in place. In effect cut scenes that tell the ongoing global stories. Sometimes in an in character fashion, the way a character might hear about things. At other times the players get glimpses at things happening behind the scenes.

Here are some examples:


Mon Jun 8 10:07:15 2020

Denver, somewhere in CAS, June Monday 08 2080

Too many people are just caring about the physical world. The chaos and confusion caused by war and unrest among the spiritual world is all too often overlooked. But Darius is back in Denver, from a hiatus with his girls. Having had some time now to analyze things the mage finally has decided to move about and see if he can be of help to the lost and irritated spirits that have been left behind by this time of strife. So leaving his body behind in Denver he is moving through the astral plane and over to those parts that are not PCC and had been involved in the wars. He searches for and finds, curious and sometimes lost spirit beings, now moving around the physical plane. Not all of them are nice, some are actually quite hostile, but the mage is able to defuse some of those that seem to be actively working towards malign purposes and lead some of the others towards the saver grounds at PCC, where a spirit is respected and not simply enslaved, as long as it is not behaving untoward. The adventures he has are manifold and varied. But his girls will not notice this as he returns to his body a couple of hours later. As he managed to get himself through all of this without a single scratch.

Fri May 22 08:07:12 2020

Denver, all over the sprawl, Friday May 22 2080

Leading megacorporations are acknowledging the Dragons claim for leadership in the Denver area, it seems secret negotiations have happened in advance, as no one had imagined the megacorporations to accept the situation as smoothly. Almost all lesser corporations follow the lead of the big ten, the few exceptions are forbidden further business in Denver and their personnel is immediately removed.

This also leads to a quick release and reinstating of most of the security companies employees. The corporate employees now working under the umbrella of the newly instated Denver Security Force. Some previous police officers are however not allowed to remain in service. No reasons given by the dragon's representative.

For the time being, all borders are maintained as before, even though possible changes in border management are announced once the negotiations with the governments are complete.

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