Name Andrea Aguilar
AKA Andrea Capella, Siren
Nationality Aztechnology
Metatype Elf
Archetype Adept
Birthdate Rude to ask, Chummigo
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"You can take a picture, it'll last longer, but shooting Tri-D will cost you extra."


In addition to taking Shadow work where available, often either as a face or a distraction, Siren works as a hostess/waitress/Dancer at the Fallen Angel. She's also an active escort, and is willing to go on "dates" for a reasonable fee. Her contact info is easily located.



A gorgeous, curvy, and leggy Latina elf, often wearing her hair long and shaved on one side. She walks like she knows you're watching, and wants to keep it that way.

Distinguishing Features

If you ever see her dance, you'll know it. In fact, until she stops, you might not be able to do anything else. Siren, indeed.

Mannerisms and Habits

Very flirty and open with her information, likely to grow her client base.


Works and Dances at the Fallen Angel. Has been seen in the company of several underground fixtures, most often a Fixer by name of Rusty.


Hugely Charismatic and soft tongued, her capacity for physical enticement seems to be enhanced, perhaps augmented by Adept abilities.


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