Name Uztol Esno
Nationality CAS
Metatype ORK
Archetype Houngan
Birthdate Unknown
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"Not hungry anymore, cerri?"


Distinguishing Features

Hook for a right hand
Ritualized scars on face
Broken primary tusk on the right side.

Mannerisms and Habits

Oz can be equal parts jovial, morbid, and gluttony - it sounds contradictory, but it's not. His met tet is the Loa of the Cemetery, after all, a dark prankster. Life ends, there's not much afterwards, so might as well enjoy yourself while you can, right? It's given Oz a very voracious appetite for life in all its glory, sin, and depravity.


A member of the Bad Omens
Roc -— Egrandi (Absent)
Macro - Ethrandi (Current)
Posh -- Etheri
Bull -— Etheri
Blackheart - Etheri


A houngan, Oz is good at making things 'easier' between twisting flesh or twisting minds.
He is a practioner of both rada and petra, able to heal and hurt with equal aplomb.


It's better to ask in person, yes? Yes.


These are just notes I use to pepper Oz's speech with bits of Or'zet here and there. It's a mix of the or'zet trickle from SR4 and some Black Tongue from Tolkien lore. Where there are conflicts (Rohodo and Kurvan both mean 'sex'), I use the SR4 as the 'idea' and the Black Tongue as the act. So rohodo is the idea of sex, where as kurvan is just the base act of humping.

Do you have to use this? Absolutely not. It's not official by any means. It's just a cute idea I had.

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