Svoboda Enterprises
Rating B
World Headquarters Vladivostok, Russia
Denver Headquarters UCAS FTZ
President/CEO Sergei Basbelov
Chairman of the Board Emil Toric - Pequod Holdings
Corporate Status Publicly Traded
Major Shareholders
Pequod Holdings (48%)
Ares (20%)
Sergei Basbelov (10%)

AreoSpace Agriculture Biotech Chemical
0 0 0 0
1 0 1
Entertainment Finance Service
6 1 1 3
Mystic Goods
2 0 0
Megacorporate Total

Corporate History

Launched in 2065 as a matrix technology incubator, Sergei Bebelov transformed the back water EuroCorp into a premier B level corp with A level aspirations. Key patents and matrix UMS licensing agreements brought the attention of Yamatetsu in early 2070, but following rumors of "organized crime money laundering" - the deal collapsed.

In 2073 Svoboda made minor waves in the shadow community following the company's move to New York. A quid pro quo headhunting "arrangement" between Svoboda and a senior marketing strategy manager in Mitsuhama's Denver office (money, and small tech advancements, traded for severals senior researchers) was blown wide open following the botched pick-up of one of the researchers in the Warrens.

Naturally this occurred just as Svoboda's IPO went public. A bidding war ensued between MCT, Ares, and Aztechnology (at the time thought to be jacking the price up out of spite). Minor skirmishes flared up, a particular episode with MCT's tween line of educational decks and racy simsense was sensationalized in scream sheets.
When the dust had finally settled, Aztechnology held a significant portion of stock- enough for board votes.

>>>>> [I was there. Watched the whole team get wiped. I barely made it out- complete set up, by who I'm still digging. Svoboda had some novahot conceptual data on matrix connectivity at the time] <<<<<
-Dot.Matrix (09:56:10/03-03-76)

Over the next year the megacorp proceeded to buyout additional board members, raiding and stripping the company's assets until it was a shell of it's former self. Svoboda got the boot in May 2074 and went into finance.

>>>>> [This is where it gets good. Azzie's knew Svoboda's key research team was burnt out. Whatever they were building went dark and R&D transferred to Aztechnology's south west offices. ] <<<<<
-Dot.Matrix (09:58:15/03-03-76)

By July of 2075 Svoboda had been fully liquidated. A financial firm, Pequod Holdings, purchased the name rights. A month later permits and incorporation documents were filed in Denver and by the fall of 75 the company had risen, Phoenix-like, in Vladivostok. Through Pequod and various head hunters a small dynamic company was built up focusing on consumer goods for the "matrix enthusiast". Chipsets, encryption keys, iso-tanks for extended periods. Sniffing around, Ares picked up 20% with limited board voting rights through Q3 2076.

PR in early winter of 2076 announced Sergei Besbelov as President and a coming "dynamic announcement".

OOC: This is a plot corporation being used by Finn. Please contact if you need help..

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