Rating AAA
World Headquarters Vladivostok, Russia
President/CEO Saru Iwano
Chairman of the Board Yuri Shibanokuji
Corporate Status Publicly Traded
Major Shareholders
Buttercup (27%)
Yuri Shibanokuji (19%)
Saru Iwano (11%)
Hideo Yoshida (5%)
Newton Chin (5%)
Ramon Dizon (3%)

AreoSpace Agriculture Biotech Chemical
7 7 8 6
6 5 9
Entertainment Finance Service
4 3 8 8
Mystic Goods
3 4 6
Megacorporate Total


Yamatetsu, the forgotten. Of the Big 10, this company tends to be the Trivial Pursuit question, the forgotten tip of the tongue answer when one is asked to list the megas. With a Free Spirit on the board and the rich history with this company, you'd think that more people would remember their name.

Corporate History

Corporate Identitity: Yamatetsu Corporation, headquartered in Vladivostok, Russia, was the sixth largest corporation in the world. Since its administrative and functional relocation from Japan to Russia, it is the largest Russian corporation. Yamatetsu is one of the main producers of biotechnology appliances, nano-machines and ergonomic goods for metahumans.

Originally built as a consortium of Japanese and Filipino that would be strong enough to resist takeover by Japanacorps, this company ended up doing quite well. Given their varied backgrounds and fields of interest as well as a strong military engineering bent and policy of exploiting the up and coming metahuman market.

In 2041 they made the plunge to try and break into the Corporate Court which in turn started a low-level corporate war. Skillfully exploiting existing conflicts and playing their enemies against each other, Yamatetsu had another advantage: they were not seen as a traditional Japanacorp. This brought Ares, Aztechnology and SK in on their side as the three wished to break the Japanacorp majority in the Court. With the help of these three and many smaller allies, Yamatetsu managed to take a seat on the Court in 2042.

Now part of the big leagues, the company could deal with its internal problems. Internal squabbling and maneuvering was in danger of turning the company into what they were trying most not to be: A Japanacorp. However, a mysterious 11 percent of the stock was purchased by an unknown source which turned out to be Buttercup. Machinations and politics played havoc on the company for years before Buttercup revealed herself as a Free Spirit in 2050. Through her manipulations and others through the coming years, she managed to seize control of the company and move it to Vladivostok, Russia. Over the next several years, Yamatetsu has found support among the Pacific Prosperity Group and others even as their public image in Japan has taken a hit. Now only time will tell if these changes are for good or ill.


  • Yamatetsu North America
  • Yamatetsu South America
  • Yamatetsu Australia
  • Yamatetsu Asia
  • Yamatetsu India
  • Yamatetsu Middle East
  • Yamatetsu Europe
  • Important Subsidiaries
        • Crashcart Medical Services Corporation
        • MetaErgonomics
        • Pensodyne
        • Tsuruga International
        • Xiao Technologies
        • Yamatetsu Naval Technologies

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