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Vory Crews: The Un-Organized Crime of Denver

The term Vory refers to Russian organized crime. In fact, the Russian mob calls itself "Vory v Zakone," which translates to "thieves who have a code" or "thieves inside of law." originated at the time of the Russian Revolution in 1917, but since then they’ve undergone many changes. Exported around the world by Russian expatriates, the Vory are organized into factions or "crew", each run by a single powerful leader (much like the Mafia, but more akin to small gangs with alliances). Collectively, they are a violent, dangerous criminal organization that has branches in nearly every city in the world. Their idea of an opening negotiation is a lead pipe to the face; but their sheer brass balls and firepower has let them compete with the Mafia, Triads, Yakuza and other major criminal syndicates. Though small and splintered, they are involved in smuggling and black market operations, and the Vory’s most profitable enterprise is black-market information, or “data brokering." Beyond that, their primary interests are arms dealing, illegal immigrant control, money laundering/matrix crime and catering to the more extreme end of illegal sexual fetish markets (snuff films etc).

Of the various crews, the current and most powerful is the "Gredenko Crew" aka "Big Russia".


Mob, Triad, Yakuza War Summer of 2071: Collateral Damage
In May of 2071 Boris Bolikov, the owner of,The Dirty Lady ( a Vory affiliated strip club in the UCAS FTZ), was discovered murdered in the back office. The murder remains unsolved, though rumor has it that someone in the Innocenti organization suspected, initially, of Russian involvement in the "Mob War 2071". Yuri Bolikov is the current owner

NPC's/Gredenko & Crew

Nikolai Gredenko -
Crew Boss
Various Business Enterprises
Yuri Bolikov -
"Cleaner"/Pimp -
Owner/Manager of
The Dirty Lady / Eastern-Euro Trix Porn Sites
Symon Floritkof -
Legal Counsel/Face/Fixer/Elf -
Floritkof Esquire
  • Assorted Legal/Semi-Legal Operations
  • Vasili-Vandos Associates (White Collar Crime/Money Laundering)
  • The Dirty Lady (Strip CLub, Low Class escorts, Chem Dealing,)
  • Eastern Promises Modeling Agency (Fashion Model Agency Management/High End Escorts)
  • Pay-Go Vidphone** (Matrix Telco Front for an illegal SIN making ring)**
Drugs Smuggling Flesh Electronic Crime Racketeering Gambling Financial Crime Influence Muscle Warchest
4 4 7 8 2 1 4 2 5 3
Cartel Total: 15-25

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