The Triads

The Triads

The Triads do not have a huge or monolithic presence in Denver the way they do in San Francisco or London, or even the powerful niche presence they have in Seattle. In Denver they are clearly not in the same league as either the Mafia or the Yakuza, though this is slowly changing.

The main focus of Triad activity in Denver is the so called 'Asian Sector', which is actually the neighborhood of Englewood in the CAS Sector. Here the powerful Red Dragon Triad does all the things one expects Triads to do, keeps BTLs off the streets, and runs the local cops. They dominate local criminal activity and control the majority of the neighborhood's ethnic gangs. Attempts by the Yakuza and Seoulpa Rings to establish footholds in the Asian Sector's Japanese and Korean communities have been aggressively restrained by the Red Dragon. That said, the Red Dragon does not currently have the resources or desire to expand out of its natural sphere of influence.

A recent focus of Triad activity was known to have been creeping into the Denver metroplex from outside. As Wuxing expanded its corporate presence in the Denver CAS Sector, kong chips were a hit with the chipheads. Gangs that have long done business with Yakuza chip dealers have been switching to the cheaper product. Gang violence has broken out and quieted down with the coming of the new chips, and it appears that a Triad initiated it. Ultimately their intentions to anchor themselves in the CAS district ran them into a previously overlooked geographical challenge, the large presence of a much older, more established, prison muscle backed organization in the form of Surenos 13.


Triads are organized like secret societies, with numbered ranks and conspiratorial false fronts. The important officers of a Triad are the Shan Chu, also called the Lodgemaster and 489, who serves as the boss; the 438s (who included direct lieutenants of the 489, most important the Heung Chu, or Incense Master, who is in charge of he Triad's magic) occupy the second tier of gang power and act as direct deputies of the Lodgemaster. The third tier of leadership consists of the Red Pole or 426 (chief enforcer), the White Paper Fan or 415 (the Triad's accountant and Matrix expert), and the Grass Sandal or 432 (who takes pay offs, delivers bribes and messages, etc). While the holders of these positions might not always be known, all Triads have them.

As a general note, the Triads are very pragmatic as crime syndicates go. While humans of Chinese ancestry do occupy the majority of senior leadership positions, metahumans and the Awakened are much more welcome within the ranks than in the Mafia or the Yakuza and non-Chinese and even non-Asians are frequently allowed full membership and good standing.

The Red Dragon Triad

Lodgemaster 'Sister' (real name unknown)
Incense Master: Unknown, believed to be Sister's companion (see below)
Red Pole: Benjamin Fu Ping

The Red Dragon Triad controls the organized crime of the Asian Sector and is a silent partner in many of the legitimate businesses of the district. Many 'stereotypical' Triad crimes can be found in Asian Sector, and the mah jong palaces and BTL parlors (which have strict rules for admission and do not allow product not used on the premises to be removed) are all under the Red Dragon's thumb. The entire community supports the contract of Shining Mountain Security, which serves as the legitimate front for the Triad's protection rackets. The Triad does not deal street drugs or BTLs on the streets in the Asian Sector and keeps others from doing so as well, though drugs and beetles are available in Triad controlled parlors.

The leadership of the Red Dragon is kept deliberately mysterious. The Lodgemaster is known only as 'Sister' and most of the other high officers are unknown. 'Sister' has been described as an elderly, garrulous, and vivacious Chinese woman accompanied by a young, waifish teenage Chinese girl who watches and listens but never speaks. Some believe this girl might be a companion spirit of some kind, and is the Red Dragon's secret Incense Master.

The Eighty-Eights

Lodgemaster: Lu Sun 'Sunny Lou' Chin
438s: Michael Lao (Deputy Lodgemaster), Rosanne Chao (Elder Sister), Peter Moon (Second Elder Brother), Ping Su (Incense Master).
Red Pole: Jason Chang Lee
White Paper Fan ICstorm (Matrix ID)
Grass Sandal: Maria Deschaines

The Eighty-Eights are closely aligned with Wuxing and are a more recent arrival on the Denver organized crime scene. Their current primary interest is the establishment of a market in Kong chips in the Denver CAS sector, though they are carefully avoiding both the Asian Sector and the FTZ. It is almost certain that there are other, quieter operations as well.

Word is that the 88s had a very rough few years through that 2073-75 time period. Between intercepted inventory transfers, the kinetic retirement of a few key distributors and better local product being produced for less and protected better, the Wuxing market research into distribution channels for their Kong Chips has been effectively mitigated. -«TightFist. 2076.01.29» «

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