Sucreasi Family

The Sucreasi


Don Sucreasi: Luther Sucreasi

Luther Sucreasi is said to be the biggest, meanest, blackest Ork in all of Denver. He known to be the only known family head in North America who is a Metahuman. The son of an Italian and his Kenyan mistress, Luther grew up in New York and ran its streets as a numbers man.

Along with Anthony Ratto, he helped solidify the city in the wake of the Chavez attack. He has an outsiders point of view on the Mafia, a cold rational businessmans heart that Aspanu values. As a metahuman, he's had to work for every ounce of respect he's gotten in the Mafia, as a black man and an Ork, he's had to work for every bit of respect he has in society as a whole. It's left him with a most demented sense of humor.

Aspanu earned this orks continued loyalty when after assuming control of the Denver Mafia, he supported and funded Luther's expansion and founding of his own family. Luther focuses on the Prostitution, Insurance/extortion and smuggling in the FTZ, using a string of strip-clubs and warehouses. He also runs a lucrative string of chopshops.

Luther earns the respect he's got from his men by treating them well, dealing fairly and taking care of those that are hurt. He forbids his people from dealing in drugs, and the drugs sold at his high end night clubs are bought from the Yakuza with permission of the Don. Several charitable fonts in the Warrens are funded by Sucreasi.

The Sucreasi were recently given a packet of financial documentation showing Simpson's crimes by runners in Denver. The documents were turned over to Don Innocenti who has used them to bring Simpson in to line.

In May of 2071 The Dripping Clam, a strip club and Sucreasi territory, was partially destroyed by arson. The resulting fire and smoke caused the death of several club attendees and dancers. Dwayne 'Bigman' Miller was severely burned in the incident and was hospitalized with third degree burns, he was moved to a private medical facility to recuperate.

In June of 2071, Miller went missing. Several rumor mills stated seeing Miller acting as a rogue Mafia member, including one sighting at Chrome!, "working" in a golden colored business suit. Sucreasi (street rumors 4+) sent several shadowrunners/"free lancers" to hit Yakuza territories. Innocenti, personally (Street rumors 8+) requested Mob personnel to track down Miller "dead or alive", suspecting the Russians were involved. Several days later, Miller was discovered with two in the back of the head in a Warrens warehouse. Fingers were pointing at a mid-level fixer, 'Henry Knox', and several shadow runners as responsible. The crew have since cleared their name.


  • Dwayne 'bigman' Miller (DECEASED) and CrackahJack'
DwayneMiller-Sucreasi.jpg CrackaJack-Sucreasi.jpg
  • Innocenti, Ratto and Sucreasie
    • An international (North American) Law Firm specializing in multi-jurisdictional financial and criminal matters. Conversant in every legal code from the Denver FRFZ, business in Denver is always smoothed by retaining this firm.
  • The Dripping Clam — Destroyed by Arson, currently under investigation by KE (June 2071).
  • Durham Security
    • A private security firm that contracts out as security guards and on-site protection.
  • The Rumble Pit
  • K N Energy Incorporated
    • An energy company focusing on NPG turbines and experimentation with bound elemental turbines. As of 12-25-69, this company has assumed responsibility for the Denver Mid-City Grid.
  • Grey Line Transportation
Drugs Smuggling Flesh Electronic Crime Racketeering Gambling Financial Crime Influence Muscle Warchest
1 2 6 6 9 6 8 5 7 7
Cartel Total: 56

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