Rating AAA
World Headquarters Essen (Germany)
President/CEO Lofwyr
Chairman of the Board Lofwyr
Corporate Status Publicly Traded
Major Shareholders
Lofwyr (99.9%)
Unknown 0.1 %

AreoSpace Agriculture Biotech Chemical
7 4 6 9
8 5 4
Entertainment Finance Service
6 3 9 6
11 7 6
Megacorporate Total

Corporate History

Saeder-Krupp grew from the restructuring of BMW. Michel Beloit took control of BMW in 2010. He restructured the company, ensuring growth in the automotive industry but first expanding its focus. BMW quickly followed the Eastern European industrial Keruba into the development of low-latitude vectored-thrust vehicles (probably helped by its link with Rolls-Royce), and by 2011 won most of the bids launched by European governments to equip their armed forces with LAVTV. BMW acquired Krupp and Saeder Munitions, and established strong operations in the Middle East and Africa.

BMW was among the founding companies of the Inter-Corporate Council, and later the Corporate Court. Beloit restructured the group, merging Krupp and Saeder Strategic Industries into Saeder-Krupp, and turning it from a subsidiary of BMW to the head company, with BMW as a subsidiary. In 2025, S-K was involved in the privatization of the European Space Agency.

In 2032, Beloit died and his wife Mrs. Wilhelmina Graff-Beloit took over control of the company. She had, like her husband before her, a minority stake in the company, but controlled the executive committee. Five years later, in 2037, the Great Dragon consolidated ownerships in a number of shells, making him the majority shareholder with 63% of S-K capital. The dragon voted himself as President, Wilhelmina Graff-Beloit out of the board, and a management buyout to make him the unique shareholders of S-K. Graff-Beloit made an attempt to prevent this, but failed. She fell into obscurity (only moving to Zurich-Orbital in 2050).

In the following years, Lofwyr continued to restructure the company, also buying out everything that remained of the European space program, including the space launch company Arianespace. S-K also took control of the Mid-Eastern oil remaining reserves, exploiting a part of them and acting as a middleman between the local government and the American oil companies.

Lofwyr converted the company completely and now has S-K a structure different from all other megacorps. Lofwyr controls everything. Sometimes Lofwyr lets the company's executives work as they desire, and the following day micromanages the operation. From the human eye, this organization seems to be confusing. However, no one can argue with the results, as Lofwyr has led S-K to become the #1 megacorp.

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