Rating AAA
World Headquarters Chiba, Japan
President/CEO (in absentia) Inazo Aneki
President/CEO (acting) and COO Haruhiko "Harry" Nakada
Chairman of the Board Yukiako Wanatabe
Corporate Status Publicly Traded
Major Shareholders
None (no shareholder holds over 10%)

AreoSpace Agriculture Biotech Chemical
4 7 6 5
8 9 6
Entertainment Finance Service
5 6 5 8
Mystic Goods
5 7 5
Megacorporate Total


Renraku, based out of Japan, has come to a lot of attention in recent years with the problems in Seattle and the rogue AI Deus. And while they are having a bad time right now, keep in mind they are a AAA company. Losing one building in one city is tantamount to a samurai losing a finger: painful, but not crippling. Renraku lost a major component, but they've managed to shift resources and product to Chiba, to San Francisco, to Bangkok to pick up the slack. The loss of the SCIRE was a PR disaster more than a corporate one, and one that Renraku is working hard to spin. Even with the problems in Seattle, fully 95% of Renraku is up and running, and they aren't quite the easy target that one might think.

Corporate History

Reraku got its start at the turn of the twenty-first century as Keruba International, forcing its way into the Big Seven, upsetting the other megas in the process. It stayed put till the Big Crash of '29 when the founder died and the company almost went bankrupt. Hot young corporate raider Inazo Aneki took out a huge loan and bought the ailing company through a holding company called Renraku. Rather than gutting the whole operation, he instead moved the corporate headquarters to Chiba and installed himself as CEO and President.

A key player in the rebuilding efforts of the global information network in the '30s, the corporate managed sizable growth. This led to many executives lining their pockets with profits when Aneki was otherwise occupied. Managing to resist a coup, Aneki stayed in power and moved to streamline the company. Since then, Renraku has been a lean mean machine - never a leader, but always in the top five in the markets.

When Dunkelzhan died in 2058, his will named Miles Lanier, a former Fuchi security head, a major shareholder in Renraku. Using inside information and advances in technology, Lanier helped Reraku strike back at Fuchi and put then in a position to surpass them. Then the Corporate Courts got involved, Lanier ended up being a spy for Fuchi's Richard Villiers, the technological edge evaporated, and Deus awoke and took over the Seattle complex. The good news? When Fuchi collapsed, Renraku Asia managed to get Fuchi Asia to join up with them.


  • Renraku America
    • Adams-Westlake MediaWorks
                  • Realizm Simulations
                  • National Trideo Network
                  • Paradigm Pictures
        • Architectural Dynamics
        • Armada Personnel
        • Champion Financial Group
                            • GloBank
                            • Temperance Investments
          • FactFiles
          • Festival Foods
          • HyperSense
          • Iris Firmware
          • Najima Securities
  • Reranku Asia
        • Fuchi Corporate Services
        • Ganbare Aerospace
        • Shin Chou Kyogo
        • Ultimax
        • Underwater Living
        • Wakatta Software
  • Renraku Australia
        • Australian Development Cooperative
        • Genecraft
        • Harland & Wolff Nautical Design
  • Renraku Europe
        • Blohm & Vos GmbH
        • Eurosoft
        • Gaz-Niki
        • Izom Armaments
        • Securitech International
        • Tetradyne Matrix Systems

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