Ratto Family

The Ratto


Don Ratto: Rudolpho Giovanni Ratto: Murdered (Mentored by Mother Mancini)
Acting Don: Derek Simpson: Murdered 2078
**Current Acting Boss: Unknown

This family is the result of several smaller families folding and their leadership being decimated in the Chavez conflict. Stepping down from his roll as trusted friend and Consigliere of the Innocenti Family, Ratto took charge of the fragments and formed them in to a single family. This family is a hodgepodge of Spanish, Italian and Native American crews, but this diversity is not a weakness, Ratto has made it a strength.

Ratto focus's on high class prostitution and Vice Peddling to the elite. Just recently, Anthony Ratto was assassinated in downtown, broad daylight in a challenge to the Families power and influence. The shooter was identified as a young Latino male with no direct family affiliation. The shooter later was found down the South Platte River.

Since then, the Ratto family has expanded and strengthened, focusing on finance, tax and construction work. It has a strong hold on the construction industry of the UCAS, Sioux and CAS sectors. It has less success trying to break in to the PCC sector. Currently heading the family is Derek Simpson, former Consigliere to the Ratto Family. He holds this position until such time as Rudolpho Ratto, the eldest son of Anthony, is of age to take the family. In the mean time, Derek holds his position by dent of Aspanu's support.

However, in recent years, Simpson has begun getting in to trouble. Starting with bad investments, then his own personal habits, he's been spending more than he brings in. He's leveraged most to all of the Ratto family holdings and is in deep with Banc de Mexico, a shell company operated by the Chavez. He's bucking to become don of Denver because he feels that's the only way to pay off his debts and seize control of the Ratto family in his own right. He was playing the Mancini for the fool, using them as blinds while he moves.

The recent turnover of documents implicating Simpson in the looting of Ratto holdings, a move that would have gutted the family in favor of Simpson, has brought the drug addled ego maniac in to line, but Don Innocenti is still said to be contimplating further actions.

A stop at The Stage Perilous club during a sit-down with an imported Sucreasi Arm's Dealer went to shit on Thanksgiving Eve 2077. Don Simpson and his full crew were shot to pieces, along with various attending patrons by an unknown assailant. This remains an open but currently 'cold case' under Lone Star jurisdiction. Simpson clung to life in a private medical facility owned by the Innocenti family but, sadly, they were unable to save him. Associate Joey Lucciano, of the Ratto Family hybrid, remains at large and wanted for questioning by the Denver Lone Star branch.


  • Mickey 'The Weeze' D'Noprio


  • Innocenti, Ratto and Sucreasi
    • An international (North American) Law Firm specializing in multi-jurisdictional financial and criminal matters. Conversant in every legal code from the Denver FRFZ, business in Denver is always smoothed by retaining this firm.
  • Quark Software
  • Newmont Minerals
  • Castlemont Beverage Distribution
    • A beverage distribution, liquor and restaurant goods in the CAS, FTZ and Pueblo Sectors. They are headquartered in the PCC FTZ.
  • SkyPrince Aerotaxi
  • Frontier Airlines
  • Frankies Bar and Grill
  • Freight Systems Inc
Drugs Smuggling Flesh Electronic Crime Racketeering Gambling Financial Crime Influence Muscle Warchest
2 1 4 7 7 6 7 6 4 5
Cartel Total: 46

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