Rating AAA
World Headquarters Boston, Massachusetts (UCAS)
President/CEO Richard Villiers
Chairman of the Board Richard Villiers
Corporate Status Privately Held
Major Shareholders
Richard Villiars (approx. 100%)

AreoSpace Agriculture Biotech Chemical
7 3 4 2
10 9 6
Entertainment Finance Service
7 5 3 2
Mystic Goods
4 6 4
Megacorporate Total


Novatech is an extension of Richard Villiers, and to a lesser extent, Miles Lanier. It is a lean, mean corporate machine that is carefully constructed by their will and determination to succeed and reap the rewards of influence and power. This corporation does not issue stock and is owned solely by Richard Villiers.

As the smallest AAA, holding on to that status by only a technicality, Novatech is hungry and aggressive. It is doing everything it can to gain ground and will respond brutally to anything that threatens it's survival. Richard Villiers used to work for Fuchi, the fallen megacorp. He used the bulk of it's assets to found Novatech. Japanese Megacorps have not forgotten his destruction of one of their own.

Corporate History

Always a smart man, Richard Villiers started out as a venture capitalist. He recognized the potential of a small company known as Matrix System and bought a 49% share in it. Matrix Systems put out the Portal in 2034, the first available desktop sized cyberdeck outside the Echo Mirage team. Never advertised or sold in retail stores, it nevertheless sold like wildfire. Within weeks the owners of Matrix Systems tries to buy out Villiers with their new capital.

However, within six weeks of the Portal coming on the market, both owners died in "accidents" and the entire Matrix Systems computer network, including backups, crashed with no hope of recovery. Villiers was able to buy up the remaining stock for pennies on the dollar. Contacting Fuci Industrial Electronics with copies of the aforementioned Matrix Systems mainframe backups as well as several working Portal cyberdecks and next generation prototypes, Villiers was able to parlay that into a one third share of Fuchi and send them skyrocketing to the forefront of cyberdecks and Matrix development.

Fat on the success of the CDT-100 cyberdeck in 2036 and riding on its success, Fuchi was about to gobble up JRJ International and take its place on the Corporate Court. Skipping ahead twenty years, Dunkelzahn's will sent Villiers' right hand man Miles Lanier over to Renraku. In the midst of all the chaos that surrounded this, with purges and machinations galore, Villers managed to quietly purchase major portions of Fuchi Americas from under the boards noses as well as expand his holdings with other businesses. With skill and determination, Villiers managed to slide into the seat as Fuchi was removed from the Court and Novatech, just barely a AAA, became part of the Big 10.

Major Subsidiaries:

  • Aurora Design
  • Cavalier Arms Limited
  • Central Industrial
  • CompuForce
  • Cyberspace Development Corp
  • FTL Matrixware, Fuchi Orbital
  • JRJ International, Matrix Systems
  • Minuteman Security
  • Nightengale Paramedic
  • Pacific Rim Computer Consultants
  • Pioneer Cybernetics
  • PULSEware, Silveril Investments
  • Simplex Software
  • S & S Agricorp
  • T99
  • Visionary Design Works
  • Walker AeroDesign
  • WolfWare

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