Mitsuhama Computer Technologies
Rating AAA
World Headquarters Kyoto, Japan
President/CEO Toshiro Mitsuhama
Chairman of the Board Samba Oi
Corporate Status Publicly Traded
Major Shareholders
Eiji Yakamura (20%)
Samba Oi (13%)
Yuriyasu Shin (11%)
Oguramaro Saigusa (10)
Akae Uehara

AreoSpace Agriculture Biotech Chemical
3 6 6 8
9 8 5
Entertainment Finance Service
6 8 6 2
Mystic Goods
9 4 7
Megacorporate Total


A perpetual bridesmaid, MCT has been in the number three slot of the Big Three computer companies behind Fuchi and Renraku. In the wake of the big mix-up that has its competitors on the ropes, Mitsuhama is poised to take the number one slot in the high-tech business. They have plans to be Number One no matter what it takes, with all that that entails. These are the inventors and perfectors of the zero zone; they have the bleeding edge advances and toys to make them the top dog.

Beyond computers, Mitsuhama is the world's number one producer of robots, both industrial and other. They are launching new designs and have a robot for virtually every use imaginable. Unlike Renraku, Mitsuhama focuses their research in AI on smarter robot brains, not connected to the Matrix. Their results may not be as powerful or widespread, but they are indeed impressive.

While they are a high-tech company, one should never underestimate their influence in the magical realm. They own Pentacle Distributing, who is the largest magical supplier on the Pacific Rim, as well as Pentacle Press and Ambrosius Publications, two of the largest magical publishing houses in North America. MCT provides, through subsidiaries, top of the line magical protection for a variety of corporate and private customers, with wards, Awakened animals, spirits, and so forth. Their magical consulting services offer a broad range from illusions for simsense to forensics consulting. Finally, their Thaumaturgical R&D department is on the cutting edge.

Finally, Mitsuhama is the number one AAA corporation in the entertainment business, with major investments in simsense, trideo, music, publishing, and virtual-realty gaming. Their entertainment division is a hotbed of political intrigue and maneuvering, with careers being made or broken by what will be on the telly tomorrow.

Yakuza Ties

MCT is is rumored to be connected closely with the Japanese Yakuza. Depending on the rumor, they either supplied the start up money or currently run the company. Whichever source one may believe, there are definite connections there, and both may be using each other, benefiting in a symbiotic relationship.

Yuri Narakima

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