Mancini Family

The Mancini


Don Mancini: Joe Mancini (Deceased)

The Mancini family typifies the arch conservative Mafia family, passing over the previous Don's only child, a daughter (Constance Mancini) in favor of Joe, his brother. While small, this family was known for it's loyalty to each other. Joe ruled with an iron fist. This family had extensive contacts in the construction industries, as well as minor influence in Prostitution and shipping.

Recent events have seen the shattering of the family in its effective force. Joe Mancini went in to hiding, somewhere in the Caribbean league with a price on his head while the effective street force has been utterly shattered following a disastrous battle with shadowrunners and a poor choice of alliances. The Sucreasi and Cordero families have all but divvied up everything the family owns while the Ratto and Innocenti families stood by. Joe Mancini was found dead in the Caribbean League recently, the victim of a snipers bullet. The family has slowly stabilized as a much diminished power under 'Mother' Constance Maria Julia Innocenti-Mancini.

Recent events have seen the Mancini family merge with the Ratto family, after the departure of the Simpson faction to form its own family. This has allowed the two wounded families to regroup and strengthen their positions.


  • Constance 'Mother' Maria Julia Innocenti-Mancini
GiovanniMancini.jpg ArturoMancini.jpg
Giovanni 'Good Boy' Mancini (Deceased) Arturo 'Piccaso' Mancini (Deceased)


  • Marconi Freight and Dreyage
  • Mancini Erection and Public Works
  • Chachkies Restaurant Chain

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