Lone Star

"You may have the right to remain silent."

Lone Star

When Clayton Wilson bought up Bartholomew Security, Inc. and Absolute Software, Inc, In 2017, it signaled the start of a new trend, though few knew it at the time. Out of the merger arose Lone Star, hyped up with the imagery of Wild West marshals. They were gunslingers with badges, backed by formidable computer and Information assets - the perfect card to play in Texas. Three years after opening its doors, Lone Star was taking on law enforcement contracts all across North America and especially in the CAS. Today, they are the largest private police force in the world, with offices inmost major urban centers. Most carry the Lone Star name. but a few such as the Genderarmerie in Quebec. are subsidiary organizations. When you hear about law enforcement, odds are people are talking about the Star.

Name Ronal McDowel
AKA Firebrand
Nationality CAS
Metatype Human
Archetype Lone Star, Acting Chief of Denver Division
Birthdate Mid-2050's
Eyes Blue
Hair Red
Ethnicity White
Height 1.70
Build Scrawny, but do not call him that
Cybernetics Datajack, Smartlink, Orthoskin
Fashion Suits

Recent History / Current Leadership

Following the debacles in 2077: The sealing of the Warrens, the suicide of Denver's prior Lone Star Chief, and an open investigation into a mob-linked massacre in a former UCAS section of the city, the kidnapping of a major VIP (and subsequent death) Lone Star has been on a PR blitz. Community meetings, increased matrix and meat-world patrols, and under the leadership of Interim-Chief Rayland "Good Heart" Heart maintained a more lenient eye of criminal acts as opposed to the prior administration's "zero tolerance" militaristic approach. The lone outlier being The Warrens - Chief Heart has doubled resources into keeping the Warrens effectively sealed on the CAS side (with extremely secure checkpoints for SIN residents and vouchers for food, water, etc…..itself creating a black market voucher demand). Determining the culprits behind 2077's "Thanksgiving Day Massacre" should cement his position.

Cyberwared Cops

You've probably heard that Lone Star doesn't have much In the way of cyber except for a few exceptional cops. This is true, but it's changing more every day. New recruits and long-term personnel are both offered incentive deals to obtain implants like datajacks, comm units, biomonitors, reflex boosters and smartlinks at steep discounts, deducted from their paychecks on an easygoing payment plan. The program is pushed as a way to climb the ladder quicker or get offered a position in the department they desire. It's also protection from what is waiting for them out on the streets.

Magic and Paranormals

For the most part, magic is treated like just another weapon In the cops versus criminals arms race. Lethal combat spells and the like are usually allowed just as guns are, but non-lethal spells are preferred. The only spells that are strictly off
limits are control manipulation spells - though a good Mob Mood spell could avert a riot, putting mind control powers in
anyone's hands is considered too much of a danger or temptation - specialty considering that private companies may have a confllct of interests. The metamagic technique of possession is also typically off-limits to cops.

Spirits are also considered weapons, and police magicians who don't handle theirs with care can expect to get into hot
water. There have been far too many cases of accidental fires caused by elementals and other cases of structural damage, evidence destruction or injuries caused to onlookers. Most jurisdictions clearly restrict their magicians from calling on the use of certain spirit powers, specifically any that cause fear or mass panic.

Though common with some private sec services, law enforcement does not have much need for paranormal creatures, and so they are rarely licensed. Though many police forces use horse-mounted officers for patrol or crowd control
duties and canine units for bomb-sniffing, the use of paranimals is considered too risky for public service activities. At best, you might find an animal control unit employing a specific critter to help it locate and drive out other animal nuisances.


In compliance with the Business Recognition Accords, any individuals located on properly designated extraterritorial
corporate property shall be granted the privilege of immunity from all applicable state and federal laws so long as their
actions do not extend past the boundaries of their corporate territory. This privilege shall also be extended to certain authorized diplomatic delegates of recognized corporations.

Lone Star Operational Procedures Manual

Drek like that makes It easy to remember that Lone Star is a corp at heart. On the streets, extraterritoriality only becomes an issue if your collar runs onto megacorp turf in order to avoid arrest or the perp flashes diplomatic credentials and bleats. "You can't touch me."

A policing contract grants the force control over areas of the city not specifically protected by the Business Recognition
Accords. Take this data to heart folks. It means that the cops can't touch you once you step onto property owned by an AA rated or higher corporation. It doesn't even have to be a significant piece of property so long as its borders are clearly marked and a sign of some sort on the property gives notice of the company ownership.

Fast Response Team

Lone Star uses Fast Response Teams the way other corps use SWAT. If an officer sees something they know the average uniform can't handle. they'll radio for the FRT. The FRT is literally doing nothing but sitting around. suited up, waiting for such a call. They immediately assess the situation and decide what level of response is necessary.

A standard squad is twelve officers broken down into two fire teams. Each team arrives on the scene in its own armored Citymaster or WK-2 Stallion rotorcraft. FRT teams are armed and armored to the gills. Everyone wears heavy security armor with active helmet display and carries the standard Thunderbolt sidearm. Primary weapons differ from member to member, mood to mood. They always have a sniper armed with an MA 2100 rifle and a breach officer armed with a CMDT combat shotgun. Additional members carry either HK-227 SMG's or the favored AUG-CSL assault rifle. Each team includes at least one magician, usually a mage - though shamans and adepts are also mixed in on occasion.

In the interest of redundancy, the Star has both FRT and SWAT teams. Officially, SWAT is supposed to handle hostage situations and similar high-risk situations where a degree of delicateness is needed. FRT handles brute squad stuff, low security zone dangers where collateral damage is not an issue. The two units are in constant competition with each other, often racing to a scene to be the first unit there and thus the unit in charge.

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