The Koshari

The Koshari
Total Men in Denver: 20

Although they don't like to admit it, Pueblo has its own homegrown mob, the Koshari. Taking their name after the raucous clowns in ceremonial Kachina dances, the Koshari trace their origins back to the SAIM war and the Kachina Society (See SONA, pg 80 or so). During the war movement, the Kachina Society attracted a lot of troublemakers in their fight against the US. After the Corp Council's establishment, though, some were too troublesome to settle down in the new order and went into org crime.

Dominant in Albuquerque, Phoenix, and the Pueblo sector of Denver. They specialize in peddling vice BTLs, drugs, prostitution, gambling. They have muscle and chrome on par with other orgs on a local level, but lack the widespread infrastructure of the Mafia. Employ a 'lot' of shamans, mostly urban and trickster totems. Raccoon, Rat, a couple of Polecat's in Phoenix (assassins - they're the call ins for troublesome contracts).

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