Knight Errant

"We think of collateral damage as added value."

Knight Errant

The brainchild and pet project of Ares CEO Damien Knight, Knight Errant is UCAS Sector's security provider. The company’s training academy turns out new KE security personnel, and KE holds private security contracts throughout the metroplex. Knight Errant personnel are given the best equipment from other Ares subsidiaries. Ares Arms uses KE to test some of its newest prototypes, particularly non-lethal weapons. Sleek and stylish in their black uniforms, Knight Errant security agents have a better media profile than Lone Star. The Star officers are still regarded as beat cops, while KE personnel are considered elite.

Name Christine Tancredi
AKA Mother
Nationality UCAS
Metatype Human
Archetype Knight Errant District Executive
Birthdate Mid-2020's
Eyes Brown
Hair Brown
Ethnicity White
Height 1.40
Build Slim
Cybernetics Extreme Headware - Delta grade
Fashion Corp Tres Chic.

Recent History / Current Leadership

»>Following the Lone Star debacles in 2077, Christine Tancredi made a splash with a jackbooted attempt to move all SINless population in UCAS zones into the Warrens (rumor has it the CAS district, too). Several minor protests and riots, followed by on-the-ground footage in the Warrens of KE officers behaving in "human rights abuse-adjacent" manners, Christine's attempt to weaken Lone Star's image was successful though they did not manage to gain the CAS sector contract from The Denver Council. Leaked audio on the matrix showed Falloon significantly upset at the optics, and while he appreciates the current "containment" of the Warrens, he can't condone excessive forces. Knight Errant maintains a more efficient and violent approach to crimes in the UCAS in hopes of securing a future contract in the CAS - doubling down on its past behavior. In 2078 alone, several attempted shadowruns were swiftly interdicted with extreme violence in UCAS quarters….a runner should think twice before crossing KE these days. No finesse, no negotiation, just total annihilation.

Bodyguards with Handcuffs

Less concerned with day to day "broken windows" style policing, the UCAS sector security agents are armed with SOTA equipment courtesy of Ares as part of their internal field testing. The KE bigwigs are looking for publicity – high profile busts, locking up renowned long-standing ass-holes, stuff that makes the evening news. Following the money is less of a concern if there's enough ugly chummers on News52 to show KE is cleaning up the streets.

Magic And The Mind

Many KE agents in Denver specialize in counterintelligence, counterinsurgency, and special operations for the territory prone to much subterfuge, smuggling, and international politics. The average "beat cop" for KE is better trained and equipment for a fight than Lone Star, and will call in back-up without hesitation to "manage up" possible threats. Magicians in KE are trained to use powerful group-based non-lethal spells - better to knock everyone at once and let local response handle it. Rumors swirl that some of the KE-SWAT based have been allowed to engage in metamagic - perhaps a loosening of the reins in the criminal arms race.

Spirits are also considered weapons, and police magicians who don't handle theirs with care can expect to get into hot
water. There have been far too many cases of accidental fires caused by elementals and other cases of structural damage, evidence destruction or injuries caused to onlookers. Most jurisdictions clearly restrict their magicians from calling on the use of certain spirit powers, specifically any that cause fear or mass panic.

Though common with some private sec services, law enforcement does not have much need for paranormal creatures, and so they are rarely licensed. Though many police forces use horse-mounted officers for patrol or crowd control
duties and canine units for bomb-sniffing, the use of paranimals is considered too risky for public service activities. At best, you might find an animal control unit employing a specific critter to help it locate and drive out other animal nuisances.


In compliance with the Business Recognition Accords, any individuals located on properly designated extraterritorial
corporate property shall be granted the privilege of immunity from all applicable state and federal laws so long as their
actions do not extend past the boundaries of their corporate territory. This privilege shall also be extended to certain authorized diplomatic delegates of recognized corporations.

Knight Errant Operational Procedures Manual

Drek like that makes It easy to remember that Knight Errant is a corp at heart. On the streets, extraterritoriality only becomes an issue if your collar runs onto megacorp turf in order to avoid arrest or the perp flashes diplomatic credentials and bleats. "You can't touch me."

A policing contract grants the force control over areas of the city not specifically protected by the Business Recognition
Accords. Take this data to heart folks. It means that the cops can't touch you once you step onto property owned by an AA rated or higher corporation. It doesn't even have to be a significant piece of property so long as its borders are clearly marked and a sign of some sort on the property gives notice of the company ownership.

KE Units

As opposed to Lone Star's FRT, SWAT, and Patrol and other units, there are generally fewer KE officers in Denver but they are much, muuuuuch better armed and trained to handle situations. This leads to a practice of highly lethal engagements without hesitation to protect Ares' property (KE in this case) and maintain fire superiority. Though KE is happy to quickly and quietly settle an "innocent death", the average citizen is far too afraid to risk suspicious behavior (and death or injury) in the first place. Intimidation, fear, and publicity are Knight Errants' tradecraft.

A standard squad of two are armed with Ares Predator III with Explosive rounds and Ares Supersquirts with alternating chem rounds in a well armored and unmarked black sedan. Armored jackets with fireproofing or articulated light security armor and helmets are typically worn in 2078 - also in Black, naturally In the trunk or between the two front seats are an Ares HVAR or Mossberg MAG-7 Persuader. Specific fire teams are called in as needed: Magical Executive Protection, CyberPsy-Ops, Gun Adept Bodyguard Units, in Ares branded combat vehicles: Ares Avengers or Ares GCR-225 by air, and Knight Errant Nissan Sentra XI (Lone Star Ford Americar stats) by land.

For the odd hostage situation that optics require an actual negotiator, Knight Errant rely on a team of highly skilled negotiators paired with an illusion-spell specialist: While one talks on the phone with the hostage taker, the other provides the illusion of said requested "helicopter, million nuyen in scrip, etc."

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