Velvet Runway

Velvet Runway

GANG NAME: Velvet Runway

LEADER: Satin Doll. The leader of the Velvets is a statuesque blond with magnificent bone structure. She has invested as much in her body as many samurai do in their ware, and she is awe inspiring. Rumored to be the daughter of a corporate executive, neophyte gangers are fed stories of her runway experience in Milan and Paris. Make no mistake, however; Satin Doll is beautiful and has a taste for the good life and a good time, but she has been leading the Velvets for years now and hasn't lost control of the gang yet. She's more dangerous than she looks as well, with carbon fiber enhancing the strength of her gorgeous nails, allowing her to slice through steel and bone as easy as flesh.

COLORS/SYMBOLS: The Velvets do not favor a particular color; rather, they follow the fashions, with one month being robin blue and another being vibrant violet. The members of the gang dress well regardless, with no member being accepted into any group activity in less than Fine clothing, and Tres Chic or Magnifique being preferred. Their tag is either a stylized VR across a pair of straight lines or a pair of curvy lines meant to represent the female form with a stylized VR across it.

TURF: The Velvets do not claim any turf per say; that said, they are most active in more affluent neighborhoods throughout Denver, primarily near the Cherry Creek Shopping Complex and the Broadmoor. In the Warrens they will be found in Heather Gardens, frequent guests of the Royals.

DESCRIPTION: The Velvet Runway is a wealthy gang of uptown socialites and thrill seekers. They limit their 'crimes' to using their knowledge of high society and fashion for a variety of purposes, such as breaking and entering and auto theft as well as low level matrix crimes. Not a violent gang at heart, they nevertheless have contacts with a number of prominent runners and fixers, and their gear is as high class as their clothing. Members are usually better armed and armored than the average ganger, and better looking to boot, with a variety of semi-useful society-based skills and contacts in addition to the usual assortment of combat and thieving skills.

HEADCOUNT: The Velvets are predominately female in make up, with a larger than average number of gang members being elves (or elven posers). They are currently 23 strong, with a number of hangers on and neophytes that haven't made the grade yet.

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