GANG: Them

LEADER: The Shaman. A tall dark-skinned male, he has only been seen in an ornately carved shamanic mask that looks not unlike a bear crossed with a demon. He seems fierce and unrelenting, though no one has talked to him, at least no one who survived.

COLORS/SYMBOLS: A spear. Usually represented in warning tags as an upwards pointing arrow.

TURF: The Sticks. No headquarters has been found for this gang despite several forays into the wild.

DESCRIPTION: Them. They. The Boogeyman. There have been a number of creative names given to the gang that operates out of the Sticks. They do not hold it as turf as much as they use it as a hiding place, a living place, and a place to collect their food: you. This gang is composed of cannibals, of headhunters, of magicians and metahumans that have gone native.

Or so the rumors say.

Operating a guerrilla operation out of the bush, They are the nightmares that other gangs and residents talk about. They do not go to war with other gangs; rather, they raid turfs and tenements for whatever they can find. Who stole that kid from Apartment 159? They did. What was that sound? Them. The Sticks are often alive at night with the sound of drums and other noises, and the occasional scream. Beware.

HEADCOUNT: Probably 30. Due to their habit of working in cover of darkness and in the Sticks, no one has managed a good headcount on this group.

Ghostwalker and Wuxing have removed this gang from the map in a joint strike to take the Sticks as new building space for the Megacorp

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