The Slum Dogs

The Slum Dogs

GANG NAME: The Slum Dogs

LEADER: Greyhound. A young man at the age of seventeen whose been in the life of the Warren street-kid since preteen years. He's proved his merit and his worth to be alive countless times growing older. He was one of the first in the group of young that grew to become the Slum Dogs, and he was voted into a leadership roll for his experience and tactics in battle. Greyhound is a lanky, distinctly Latino boy who cuts his hair short but for three longer portions, at the top and sides of his skull. The tips are dyed in various shades of turquoise and orange. A concave scar is carved out of his chin from a dog's bite. He leads with intense care for his Family, showing a good heart, though he's merciless when it comes to outside deals of whatever manner.

TURF: The Slum Dogs live in and around the Warzone, eeking out an existence scavenging from the wrecking yards and ruined buildings that dot the area.

COLORS/SYMBOLS: Teal and orange are the Slum Dogs' chosen colors. They tie cloths of these colors around their arms and legs, as well as their hound's necks or bodies, if not dying their dog's fur with these colors in various patterns. Their tag is a teal raindrop shape that encircles 'SD'.

DESCRIPTION: The Slum Dogs are a fierce gang, comprised entirely of adolescents. Members vary in age from between eleven or twelve years-old to their late teens. These teens are hardened by fire in conquest to survive when forced out on their own from loss of family. Somewhat kind to fellow young, they recruit the struggling children of the Warrens into shelter and help each other to get by. Empathic with the stray dogs littering the streets that get by on scraps and rain water, they often capture and train feral canines into suitable packmates.

These capable young operate on pack behavior, never moving alone. They work in stealth, and their guerrilla-like groups usually travel with one or two canines. The Slum Dogs are generally equipped with whatever they can get their hands on, relying on tact in combat situations, but they've come a long way from simple strays. An established gang, broadening their turf in aim for a better life.

HEADCOUNT: 25 to 30 fully capable young of various metahuman races and 10 to 15 trained dogs. At any time there are around 20 new recruits, both metahuman and animal, being trained.

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