The Laymen

The Laymen

GANG: The Laymen

LEADER: Proctor. David Proctor served the Church for a number of years in hellholes around the world, spreading the Word and teaching when he could. He was tapped to come to Denver by his superiors and, while he has not spoken about that mission, arrived in the Warrens several years ago and begun his work in Fox Hollow. Proctor follows the Jesuit teachings to the letter, and is not only a gifted teacher but is reputed to have supernatural abilities. One member of the Saints called the man "one of God's marines", a title and reputation that has stuck with a number of people that have met him.

Rumors abound that Proctor takes his orders from Archbishop Castaldi of Denver, and it is known that the Laymen will defend the Jesuit Order's Regis Monastery with vigor approaching zealotry.

COLOR/SYMBOL: Black and White. Their symbol is a cross over three slashes, representing three nails.

TURF: Fox Hollow

DESCRIPTION: The Laymen are a Jesuit-inspired order that operates in a gang-like way. They patrol their section of Fox Hollow around the Mission, driving back other gangs from the area and trying to make this district better. The Laymen are teachers and scholars as well as warriors; they commit themselves to trying to better their community and to push back the darkness that is all too present in the Warrens.

The Laymen count a number of Awakened in their number, and the talents shown by those God has touched help the Laymen as well as the community. The Laymen often clash with other gangs who want to destroy what they have created, and with the Saints whom the Laymen consider to be full of pride and a holier than thou attitude.

HEADCOUNT: 48 members strong, with an additional 8-12 initiates at any given time.

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