The Horsemen

The Horsemen

GANG: The Horsemen

LEADER: Metal Dave. Metal Dave is a troll who was lucky enough to get brain boosters. As such, he talks better than most norms and can think beyond the hear and now. He is actually pretty pleasant unless his people are threatened. Then, well, then he is as un-nice as an eleven foot tall man can be. It is under his rule that the Horsemen have started doing 'good' things like helping the neighborhood and their fellow metahuman. Can't live by terror alone. He is called Metal Dave due to the reinforced metal helmet he wears in battle, which looks a lot like a cyberskull that was split open and nailed to a combat helmet.

COLORS/SYMBOLS: Dirt Brown. Their tag is a bike with a horse head (very rough drawing), or a horseshoe in a spoked wheel when they are in a hurry.

TURF: OrkTown, South of Arapahoe around the Saddle Rock Golf Club

DESCRIPTION: The Horsemen are actually fairly upscale for the average OrkTown gang. Working out of the old Saddle Rock Golf Club, the Horsemen combine elements of go-gang with standard turf-holding gangs. They use motorcycles and some very modified golf carts to patrol their sector, and go out of their way to help their 'community': repairing shelters, bringing in supplies, and in general trying to better the neighborhood instead of trying to make a buck off their fellow tusker.

HEADCOUNT: 43 able bodied trolls and orks and one very very ugly dwarf. The Horsemen absorbed two other gangs in the last year, bringing in new blood and skills after some savage battles in the area.

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